Mike Bloomberg has broken his own campaign spending record, already blowing through $85.2 million with 11 days still to go. (AP)

When you’re Hugh Hefner, you’re “old enough to be the great-grandfather of some of his girlfriends.” Oh, and old enough to receive front-webpage articles that describe your cultural contributions as “almost quaint.” (NYT)

The new Yankee Stadium now has cracks in the ramps. (NYT)

In this case, the NYPD paid for shotguns that malfunction. (NYPost)

CNN gets a makeover, now looks hideous. (CNN)

Oh, and Gothamist actually makes a rat look sympathetic…for free. (Gothamist)

Update, 11:50 AM: Oh, and that whole swine flu thing?  Turns out that it’s for real. (NY Times)

– Photo: Teamperks/Flickr