Bwog contributor Claire Sabel wandered into the Met Wednesday night.

Met1Last night the College Group at the Met hosted a Gatsby-themed party, “West Egg on the East Side,” to celebrate the opening of the American Wing.  Organized by twenty-five student volunteers, the affair threw open the eastern section of the museum to college students in New York.  

The party revolved around the brilliantly-illuminated courtyard where a host of college students in headbands and bow ties milled about.  Heavily female and hardly satiated by the free food, the crowd seemed to enjoy itself on the dance floor, grooving to the music of the live band.

Surrounding the main area, beautifully-restored rooms displaying period furniture were filled with students, perhaps relieved at the sight of chairs from neither Ikea nor Craigslist.  Most Fitzgerald fans seemed genuinely interested in the displays but others mused as to which couch would be the best for sex.

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