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Anti-Wedding on Low Steps

The National Marriage Boycott, a new offshoot of CQA, just staged an ‘Anti-Wedding’ on Low Steps to protest the Defense of Marriage Act. Anti-man and anti-wife were clad in suit and gown, respectively, and both exclaimed ‘I don’t!” The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages.

Sean Udell, Treasurer of CQA, has just announced that there will be an afterparty on Low complete with wedding cake, apple juice, and Pellegrino.

Uh…not congratulations! Bwog’s Alternative Forms Of Marriage correspondent, Alex Boyce, sent in this picture.

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  • anti-wedding? says:

    @anti-wedding? isn’t that a divorce?

  • this whole thing says:

    @this whole thing is atrocious…According to the bible, God intended for weddings to occur between Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Simply put, G marriage is immoral

    1. Obviously. says:

      @Obviously. When can we get the crazy people with the signs back on campus? They’re doing God’s work.

    2. simply put, says:

      @simply put, you are ridiculous

    3. i really hope says:

      @i really hope that you’re just being facetious.

    4. i wish i could says:

      @i wish i could say i was being facetious but please tell me why gay marriage is still is still illegal…its because everyone else in america shares my view

      1. well says:

        @well it’s a pity if that is the case. I thought Americans were supposed to understand the separation of Church and State. You can preserve the so-called sanctity of marriage within your church if you want to, but don’t try and keep other people from entering what is essentially an economic, legal contract with each other because your church thinks it’s wrong.

        1. According says:

          @According to you, seeing as how this is clearly a legal contract and State matter and since it is protects the sanctity of marriage, then a Civil Union is the perfect solution to this. The last time I checked, your Nobel Prize winning Messiah Barack Obama supports this.

          And to the person above me (#24):

          So conversely, every bill that the government doesn’t pass as law must therefore be false/incorrect? Ah, there’s nothing like self-righteousness coming from the secularists. They naively believe that they are any different from the spiritualists. They’re simply means. Call it whatever you want. They’re all means.

    5. Jealouussss says:

      @Jealouussss People just be jealous cuz they didn’t get any cake.

      Don’t get all tore up about it girl, the gays will share if you can care.

    6. wait, what says:

      @wait, what wasnt eve made from a rib of adam? doesnt that count as incest? …you support incestuous marriage?

    7. well says:

      @well according to the bible, the universe was created in 6 days, woman was created from a bone, and then a cosmic superdude named jesus got nailed to a cross and then somehow rose from the ground three days later in proto-zombie like fashion.

      save your judgment for someone who cares. if your take on reality really is true, the big guy upstairs will have a few words with me when it’s all done with anyways. in the mean time i’ve got some sinfully delicious gay sex to partake in.

  • Gay says:

    @Gay This whole shindig was really gay

  • 2009 says:

    @2009 I support DOMA.

  • Yay: says:

    @Yay: Good job, Anti-marriage people. Nice to see some active protesting for equal rights.

  • this pic says:

    @this pic is kinda useless. they could’ve gotten a little closer, it’s okay, gays are friendly creatures.

    anyway: woo equal marriage! love is love!

  • It's says:

    @It's a pity that sarcasm doesn’t translate on the internet.

  • 2009 says:

    @2009 I hope people took my initial comment seriously because I was being completely serious.

    1. Nobody says:

      @Nobody Felt like giving your comment any attention at all, actually.

  • if... says:

    @if... you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get one.

    Besides, do you really think the rejection of gay marriage will make every gay person in America realize that they were just pretending?

    And God knows, it’s not like straight couples NEVER have gay children.

  • Congrats Bwog says:

    @Congrats Bwog no room to be snarky on this one, eh?

  • If my views about says:

    @If my views about the religious immortality of this sinful act are not true, how come no one in Congress has dared to step up and pass a law legalizing it?
    Wohoo Obama stepped up and promised to do something about it after a bunch of you went to DC and knocked on his door, but do you really think anything will be passed?????

    1. right says:

      @right by your logic, everything a government passes a law for or against must therefore be true/correct?
      say, how do you feel about eugenics laws? or how about laws that allowed for slavery, segregation, and withheld citizens’ right to vote? (though considering you’re already ok with withholding rights for certain members of the population for at least one reason, I might know your views already)
      how about the governments of other nations? if same-sex marriage is ok in spain (and they were behind the inquisition, so we know they at least have a strong Christian past) then does that mean you’ll accept it here?
      or, for that matter, do laws passed in Congress have the power to contradict your religious truth?
      what an accepting religion. adapting to modern times…

      in any case, now that I’ve said my spiel, I’m going to assume that since you think this sinful act possesses “religious immortality,” it can never be abolished, the “righteous” will never prevail, and you’re just trying to wind me up.

  • OMG says:

    @OMG Let’s argue on the internet about religion and politics! This person is CLEARLY not a troll and we will DEFINITELY be able change their mind with a paragraph!
    We will DEFINITELY be able to engage them in civil discourse, and NOT become wound in an increasingly masturbatory spiral of spun rhetoric and cheap insults!

    1. !!! says:

      @!!! I LOVE YOU

  • OMG says:


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