A double dose of book news today: first, Senior Tome Correspondent Jon Hill notes that Book Culture looks to have finalized its expansion into the space formerly occupied by Morningside Books. The window sign does not give an expected opening date, but it does suggest that the new location will focus on more popular books, with the 112th street location “dedicated to providing academic and scholarly books.” Seriously, though, a Chick-Fil-A would have been nice.

If you can’t wait for the expansion, or prefer good deals, the local New York Public Library branch on the corner of 113th and Broadway is having a book sale today until 4. Hardcover and paperback titles alike are going for $1, DVDs are $2, and an archaic technology called “VHS tapes” are $1. You’ll encounter such classics as Women Are Not Small Men, What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7?, and On The Bright Side, I’m Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God. There are some legitimate finds here too, if you have the patience to look. And really, for a dollar, who can turn that kind of thing down?

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Photos by JYH & ARC