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Freshmen Take The Histories A Little Too Seriously

Bwog tipster Frederick Havemeyer informs us that in John Jay, custom is slowly becoming law:

jj elevator 

Good luck lugging Westside bags up five flights of stairs, freshmen — you can start preparing early for that walkup that awaits you after graduation.

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  • I RESENT THIS says:

    @I RESENT THIS As an athlete and former resident of Carman 3. I don’t care if you’re on the 13th floor. I know I don’t need the exercise, but you look like you do.

  • new yorker says:

    @new yorker Seems like most of you didn’t grow up in apartment buildings.

    Everyone who pays rent is entitled to all building services. The trick is to avoid rush hour. Leave 10 minutes earlier if you’re in a hurry.

  • Publius Pubis says:

    @Publius Pubis The password to get the Pupin elevator to stop on bypassed floors is the first 4 digits of pi.


    1. You says:

      @You see what you just did there? You said something that has a 99% chance of being horseshit but the little kid in me wants to believe so badly that this is true. And eventually my curiosity will beat out my desire to have dignity and I’ll try it out and be very sad that it doesn’t work.

      You make me sick… unless, of course, it works in which case you’re a god… but probably you just make me sick.

      1. it's true. says:

        @it's true. well played Publius.

      2. Former Workstudy in Pupin says:

        @Former Workstudy in Pupin Good news! I confirm that this works for floors 3 and 4. Just press 3 and then the first 4 digits of pi, or 4 for the 4th floor. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but you gotta type it in just right. Happy Pupinning.

    2. Great says:

      @Great I don’t know why this is the favorite comment, but I suspect that the relevant authorities will be changing the code just on account of you if they get wind that the entire school now knows it. Way to go!

      1. please says:

        @please They’ll just change it to 2997 or 6674, or hell, maybe 6022.

    3. haha says:

      @haha that’s the code to my garage door at home.

      nerdy father…

  • jj5 '12 says:

    @jj5 '12 why dont yall take the stairs up to 5 THEN up to your damn floors…

    jj5, TAKE THE ELEVATOR you’re entitled to it. we’re royalty, duh.

  • OMG FROSH says:

    @OMG FROSH Shut up. When you move out of JJ or Carman, you will realize there are worse things to happen to you than someone hitting 5 or 6.

    Like when someone hits 4 or 5 in Hamilton. Fuck that.

  • Isn't anyone says:

    @Isn't anyone going to comment on the fact that in the picture, the M is lit up? As in, someone was taking the elevator to a floor lower than 5/6?

    1. The elevator says:

      @The elevator was probably going down…

    2. Do you even go here? says:

      @Do you even go here? M is the name of the first floor.

  • damn yo says:

    @damn yo on the 6th floor you’re expected to take the stairs?? i always thought 4 and over was acceptable. maybe i’m just a lazy-ass…

  • JJ6 Zergling says:

    @JJ6 Zergling Hey, I live on JJ 6 now. I only will take the elevators after an all-nighter, if I’m having a really bad day or if I’m carrying too much stuff. But, I like taking the stairs, I find the elevators too slow to even bother with.

    But, since all we do on JJ6 is play Starcraft with each other, one could argue that we should take the stairs. But, trust me, most of the time, the wait is long enough so that we are forced to use the stairs.

  • jj8er says:

    @jj8er You can take the elevator all you want, but maybe everyone should consider not pushing a button if a floor above or below has already been pushed (i.e. don’t push 10 if someone is going to 11, just walk down)

  • The elevator says:

    @The elevator is for everyone to use. River only has 6 floors, so by this logic the elevator should never be used. But people still take it to the third floor anyway because it’s there and they can. And that’s fine.

    1. you probably says:

      @you probably think everyone should have equal access to our planet’s resources, too…don’t you, pinko?

  • jj 5 resident '04-'05 says:

    @jj 5 resident '04-'05 I’m getting so old I forgot to mention I lived on the fifth floor of JJ back then.–CC ’08 represent!!!

  • john jay resident '04-'05 says:

    @john jay resident '04-'05 you know 5 years ago when I lived there, some of my best memories were of myself and my floormates getting into arguments with the upperfloor folks! But they were right, and I usually reserved the elevator for going up from that hot ass laundry room or if I was lacking coordination from an all-nighter…

  • also says:

    @also I live on an eight floor, and I take the stairs *always*. Up and down. And then the same at work, which is about eight floors too. It’s easy when you make a firm decision and take a stand.

    It always amazes me how lazy people are. This has worked well for me so far: take the stairs, be healthy and fit.

    Sure, 20 floors may be a bit much. But five?

  • I have says:

    @I have run across this Havemeyer tipster and his intellect a few times this year. Seems as though family ties can take you a long way, a lot longer than perhaps Columbia would ever let on…

  • Harmony Hunter says:

    @Harmony Hunter lol… Frederick Havemeyer

    btw where’s harmony

    1. Harmony says:

      @Harmony Just take the elevator to the 5th floor of JJ and you’ll find it there.
      Alternatively, you can go do your laundry and forget about the Harmony Hall foolishness.

  • to jj5 & jj6 says:

    @to jj5 & jj6 Some advice to all JJ5 and JJ6 residence members:

    If people give you a hard time for taking the elevator, do the following:

    1. Take the elevator.
    2. Press all the buttons right before you leave.
    3. Run like hell.

    You’ll make an entire building of enemies, but, oh, that sweet moment of triumph.

    1. burning bridges says:

      @burning bridges just say you were drunk. even at 9 in the morning.

  • To be honest- says:

    @To be honest- If I lived on the 5th floor, I’d take the elevator all the time just to spite all the whiners.

  • WELL says:


  • TO RYAN MY LOVE says:

    @TO RYAN MY LOVE Oh hi, Ryan “11:30PM on a Sunday I have yet to begin the Histories” Mandelbaum

  • AGREED says:

    @AGREED Taking the elevator to Floor 5/6 (unless you’re carrying laundry or something of considerable girth) ? That’s PUSSY SHIT right there.

    1. psshhhh says:

      @psshhhh i walk around all day carrying with something of considerable girth, without even using my hands!

      1. damn says:

        @damn must suck to be that fat

        1. Ryan says:

          @Ryan Yes, I cry myself to sleep everyday and wake up hating myself because of how fat I am.

    2. jj5 '05-'06 says:

      @jj5 '05-'06 i loved this argument when I was a frosh. my response was: fuck you. the 5th floor is not the second floor. walking up four flights (and it IS four flights in JJ – count the steps and consider that an average flight of stairs is 15-16 steps) of stairs 5-6 times a day gets VERY tiring. going down, I understand. If the elevator’s packed and it’s ten minutes before class, I understand. otherwise, STFU and let me exercise my goddamn constitutional right to take the elevator. One day you will live on the second floor of Watt and take the elevator because you are lazy.

      1. here says:

        @here comes the whambulance.

      2. indeed, and, says:

        @indeed, and, hear, hear!

      3. Difference says:

        @Difference People/Elevator ratio in Watt: 165/1
        People/Elevator ratio in JJ: 229.5/1

        1. ...and says:

          @...and this counters my argument…how? a crowded elevator is a crowded elevator. a not-so-crowded elevator is a not-so-crowded elevator. a whiner in a not-so-crowded elevator who ends up being a hypocrite is…you get the picture.

  • hahah says:

    @hahah Take it up to 7, walk down a flight.

  • JJ 10 says:

    @JJ 10 Fred, you would be the one to notice this. De jure always trumps de facto… floor 5

  • hahaha says:

    @hahaha i love freshmen

  • that's nothing says:

    @that's nothing How about barricading the elevator doors of Floor 5 with the lounge furniture and duct tape?

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