Then we have great news! If you thought this fall’s exam schedule was right up your alley, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Columbia will be getting not one, but two sequels. First, next fall will have almost the exact same structure as this year: once again, students will get two “study days,” and will not finish their exams until December 23rd. The only difference is that exams will return to a Friday-Friday schedule. And while the blessed three day study period will finally make a return in 2011, exams then will still end on the 23rd.

Now, it’s likely that these dates won’t change; the calendars, students were told last year, are set years in advance, and Columbia administration prefers that concepts like “hope” and “change” stay with alumni. But when every single other Ivy League school has managed to end classes earlier (including Cornell, which is subject to the same New York state education laws as Columbia), then maybe, just maybe, there’s glimmer of hope for the Class of 2011. In the meantime, West Coasters may want to start booking flights.