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Then we have great news! If you thought this fall’s exam schedule was right up your alley, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Columbia will be getting not one, but two sequels. First, next fall will have almost the exact same structure as this year: once again, students will get two “study days,” and […]

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While you despair/rejoice/fret over your housing number, some other news to take your mind off singles and square feet: the “Study Day Project” has been resolved! Presumptive CCSC President Sue Yang filled Bwog in on the details: Registrar John Carter and Brady Sloan have determined that there will be 2 study days next semester: Tuesday, […]

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Credit where it’s due: ever since Bwog noted the strange existence of next winter’s Study Day, the student councils have been working to make the best of a bad calendaring situation (the academic calendar that spawned study day was set into place back in the 90s). And now according to CC 2010 VP Sue Yang, […]

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While you’re trundling through another night of studying for this year’s exams (or have joined the lucky few who are done), let’s look ahead to the New Year. More specfically, CC ’10 VP (and potential presidential candidate) Sue Yang got in touch with Bwog about how next year’s “Study Day” conundrum is being handled.  Two options remain on the […]

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Tuesdays With Barry

So while we’re on the subject of academic calendar discontent, it’s worth pointing out that the first day of classes for Spring Term falls on Inauguration Day, when approximately all of the Earth’s population will congregate in Washington for Obama’s swearing-in.  One Bwog staffer was quick to point out that “the first day of classes […]

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There was much uproar in response to our Shocking Revelation that next fall, the traditional Reading Week will morph into a tiny, hellish creature known as “Study Day.” Is there anything to be done about the unfortunate calendering? CCSC offers up a resounding “maybe!”  According to 2010 VP Sue Yang, who’s point person on the […]

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Bwog Daily Editor James Downie was procrastinating by… scoping out the 2009 academic calendar. How else? Anyway, bad news: enjoy reading week this semester, because next fall term, there’ll only a “Study Day.”  “Oh no!” you say? Oh yes. Exams run from Wednesday to Wednesday, rather than Friday to Friday, meaning that we have just […]

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