They’re Back! …Well, Not Really but Good Enough

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Over the weekend, Book Culture on 114th and Broadway officially opened up, taking the place of the old Morningside Books, which closed down last summer. Besides a shiny new exterior, the bookstore holds mainly fiction and nonfiction bestsellers, an intimidating rack full of Moleskine notebooks, and pretty much anything else you’d expect from a bookstore. From the impromptu table set up in the middle of the store and the paint bucket holding the door open, it still looks like they’re in moving-in mode.

An employee told Bwog that all academic books sold by Book Culture will remain at their location on 112th, and even though there are plans to open up a downstairs section of the store, the lower level will house mainly Sci-Fi and children’s titles.

Sound familiar? Well, it certainly looks like we have our Morningside Books back. Just with a more avian logo.

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  1. ...  

    can someone please explain why morningside books was so great? it seems to me like the new book culture is much better, with lots of contemporary fiction rather than overpriced penguin classics and outdated guidebooks.

  2. ...  

    I don't understand why book culture gets all the cred it does. It's a decent bookstore sure, but its not like they go out of their way to help students out. You can choose to give your 160 dollars to B & N or Book Culture, the only difference is that a local owner makes the money. its not like B & N doesn't hire local employees.

  3. curious

    yo bwog, what's with the band and singers on broadway

  4. clg  

    i found their selection of moleskine notebooks to be quite impressive. They even had 11x17 folio notebooks. too bad they're so absurdly overpriced. if they cost half as much, I would buy them.

  5. bwog  

    what is with these fliers that are appearing around guards' desks in all the dorms. They seem to suggest that the guards should be nicer to us and respect us. They're pretty shameful: they seem to be the college version of that kid in 2nd grade who told his teacher to give him an A because his parents payed her salary. Any idea what those might be?

    • r. e. s. p.

      I don't exactly follow your logic. The kid in your analogy didn't do the work to merit an A. Notwithstanding the question of whether the security guards in fact behave respectfully or not, are you implying that we don't merit basic respect, and that it's "shameful" to suggest otherwise?

      • agreed

        i haven't seen these flyers but i definitely think that there are some guards who are unnecessarily rude to us. case in point:

        last year when i left my building for like 2 minutes around midnight and and came back, my ID suddenly stopped working. even though i was in and out all the time, the guard wouldn't let me in and demanded i go to hartley to get it fixed. now since i lived far away from hartley hall, i asked him to look me up in the logbook and that i would go in the morning to get it fixed but even though he found my name, he wouldn't let me in and threatened to call public safety to evict me out my dorm.

        so i know there are some nice security guards here but there's also a mean bunch which doesn't really respect students. so i'm all for the flyers.

        • well  

          not that the guards haven't been mean to me at times, but the signs are really bad. There is a way that whoever employs the guards could remind them to be nicer or whatever, but the signs constitute a very public shaming.

  6. unrelated

    In unrelated news, CNBC reports that Bill Gates will be on campus on November 12th, appearing with Warren Buffet in a televised debate from the Business School. Granted, it's in the Business School, so none of the readers of this blog will presumably be able to gain access, but it's still newsworthy... Perhaps someone will spot the former chairman himself, or the "oracle," at the campus gates.

  7. curious person  

    what do these signs actually say? they aren't in Schapiro (because our guards are nice.)

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