Over the weekend, Book Culture on 114th and Broadway officially opened up, taking the place of the old Morningside Books, which closed down last summer. Besides a shiny new exterior, the bookstore holds mainly fiction and nonfiction bestsellers, an intimidating rack full of Moleskine notebooks, and pretty much anything else you’d expect from a bookstore. From the impromptu table set up in the middle of the store and the paint bucket holding the door open, it still looks like they’re in moving-in mode.

An employee told Bwog that all academic books sold by Book Culture will remain at their location on 112th, and even though there are plans to open up a downstairs section of the store, the lower level will house mainly Sci-Fi and children’s titles.

Sound familiar? Well, it certainly looks like we have our Morningside Books back. Just with a more avian logo.