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Bwog will be slowing down for Thanksgiving break–even cynics like us are spending time with family.

As per tradition, we present a list of everything Bwog staffers are thankful for.  Thank you for reading and enjoy this break!

For when we can’t get mom’s cooking…
25-cent coffee in the German department
Acquiring a taste for beer
Animal crackers
Apple cider
Apple cider donuts
Apple pie, really all apple pastries
Belgian beer
Bubble tea
Cafe East’s french vanilla tea
Cafe East’s hot #9
Corn casserole
Free food
Free hot water in Butler
French toast at Sip on half price food mondays
Friends who work at Oren’s
Gas stoves
Gchatting with people sitting next to me
Getting my 13th drink free at Oren’s
Ginger ale
Granola bars
Haada’s halal cart
HamDel breakfast sandwiches til 4pm
Having a kitchen
Holiday cups at Starbucks
Indian food
John Jay frozen yogurt
John Jay omelets
Milk Thistle
Morton accepting Flex
Munchos, the deli snack that is 2% potato, 98% fry
No meal plan
On-campus lattes paid for with dining dollars
Oren’s, and their french roast
Oreo and ice cream sandwiches
PB-filled pretzel nuggets
Pumpkin bread
Pumpkin muffins at Westside
Red Bull
Roti Roll
Tap-a-Keg’s noon to 7 happy “hour”
The bartenders at 1020 when the let the $10 credit card minimum slide
The greenmarket
The new Whole Foods on 97th
The smell of Nuts4Nuts on a cold fall day
Trader Joe’s
Unlimited salad toppings at Nussbaum
Unopened jars of peanut butter
Uris vending machines
Watching TV online
Weird sushi
Wheat thins
Wondee Siam V

For the city that never sleeps…
24-hour subway system
Always waking up before my alarm and getting to sleep more
Automagically-refilling MetroCards
Being able to talk about anything/anyone at Sip because everyone there is old and they won’t rat me out
Bolt Bus
Brooklyn Bridge
Central Park
Chelsea – arsenal on Sunday
Chinatown buses
Dogs walking their owners on nyc streets
Easypay MetroCards
Free entry to MoMA
Hudson River Greenway + Palisades + my bike
Not going to 1020 that often
Off-off-Broadway theater
Reusable grocery bags
Riverside Park
Riverside view of the Hudson at 72nd St.
Snooze buttons
Strolls to Columbus Circle
That strangely adorable cluster of buildings on like 90th and West End
When the 1 train comes at 96th right when you get off the express

For the technology that separates them and keeps us together…
67 St. Apple store
An hour with a clear inbox
AppleCare Warranties: i.e, getting my computer fixed for “free”
Arrested Development, especially on Hulu
Blackberry Messanger
Competent webmasters
Google Calendar
Google Docs
Google Wave
Grey’s Anatomy
JJ Abrams
Karmic Koala
Massage chairs
Megavideo’s time limit forcing me to do actual work
Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” List
Scrubs’ “ninth” season
The Bad Romance video
The Facebook live feed
The League on FX
Unlimited texting

For the school that we love to hate…
24/7 reference room
65° weather in November
A campus you can discuss forever in architecture classes
A dorm room with sunlight
Actually having a campus
Ballpoint pens
Barnard tunnels to 47 Claremont
Bizarre advocates circling campus
Brownie’s cafe
Classrooms where you can put your feet up
Coöp (and its listserv)
Crispy fall weather
Dingles (especially of the walk-through double variety)
Free Purell, courtesy of swine flu
Grade curves
Lookout ledge at Low
Mahmood Mamdani
Metro North
Mouseless dorms
New York Times travel slideshows
Not going to B-school
Not talking about homework
Paying with exact change
People who know how to use the Broadway turnstile
Proactive RA’s
Professors who cancel class the Wednesday before Thanksgiving
Professors who remember your name
Professors who work with you even when you’re no longer in their class.
Six packs of High Life for seven dollars at 109 Deli
Squash team
Swipe access-fueled ego trips
TA’s that seem to really care how you are doing
That there’s only 4 weeks left of U. Writing
The sunlight at the top of the McBain shaft
The way Alma winks at me as I walk to class
Toddlers playing outside Low
Urban raptors
Walking in a straight line from Avery to Math
What I think all the offices on the sixth floor of Fayerweather look like
Wide-eyed freshmen

For the wide, wide world…
Baby cousins
Barack Obama
Cool mornings at Weaver Street Market
Dress shirts
End of decade lists
Family in NYC
Flannel sheets
Fresh sheets
Freshly-painted walls
Friends that stick with you
Friends with their own apartments
Indian summer
Jorge Luis Borges
My yearly hope that the Mets will be competitive
Our troops, for their service
Packages from home
Parents who pay for your cab to JFK
Planning: days, my summer, field trips
Road trips
Second chances
Sprint’s 23% “employee” discount
Surviving the porcine menace
The $ 86.30 in my bank account
The big shanty festival– Kennesaw, GA
The Greater Boston Area
The return of the Varsity Theater
The staff of Westside
Ty Lawson
When people call back
Winning bets
Wooden floors
Working fireplaces

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  1. so true

    megavideo time limit saves my ass every time even though I continue to get irrationally angry at it

  2. Anonymous

    ditto on the megavideo time and being thankful for watching tv online. good stuff guys!!

  3. really? you guys left out

    god's great YANKEES

  4. free hot water in butler

    SERIOUSLY? WHERE? they always make me pay $.75....I've spent $.75 so often...

  5. FLEX f*cks up again

    Don't try the use Flex at westside or milano's -- system all f*cked up yet again! Why does this rich University provide such dumbass service? What is such a big problem that off campus flex still doesn't work when we need it? Seriously, guys, what's going on here. I am really pissed!

  6. Ruth


  7. Thank you guys soooo much for mentioning us in the list of stuff you're thankful for, that really means a lot to us!

    We're thankful today for the great fans we have of our alarm clock website, and blogs like yours that keep mentioning our website.

    We hope you had a happy turkey day.



    P.S. - I once lived at W. 95th Street and Riverside Drive for three and a half years - not far from Columbia!

  8. Really?

    Morton takes flex? Since when?

  9. tasty?  

    for a brief moment, i thought "PB filled pretzel nuggets" actually said "Prezbo filled nuggets."

  10. Senior

    Thank you Bwog. This made me smile :)

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