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Get Ready for Gender-Neutral Housing, But Don’t Poster About It

holdinghandsIf CCSC has its way, Columbia’s Housing system will be slightly less oppressive next year. The council passed a resolution supporting gender-neutral housing last night, which will remove the gender restrction on double occupancy rooms. The plan, introduced by VP for Policy Sarah Weiss, 2011 VP Sean Udell, EAAH President Avi Edelman, and GendeRevolution President Miranda Eliot, would apply only to students purposefully picking into a double during General Selection. Neither blind doubles nor the first-year housing process would lose the gender restriction, so, if administrators agree to lift the restriction, Housing will still be spared new parents freaking out about their precious darlings living with someone of the opposite sex.

But three of the first-year dorms do get a little CCSC-ordered experimentation in the form of a new flyering program. The council also passed a resolution authored by CC 2011 President Learned Foote setting up a test program encouraging student groups to use less paper when postering. From after Thanksgiving until the end of the semester, John Jay, Hartley and Wallach’s ground floors will be equipped with new bulletin boards; the boards will have pre-drawn boxes marking out poster space, and groups will be encouraged to use only one poster per board. The policy will be self-enforcing, though – to quote the resolution, “we will attempt to institute a cultural change through voluntary participation.” Rumors of a Kumbaya sing-along to follow are still unconfirmed.

UPDATE: Bwog’s man in SEAS, Sean Zimmermann, reports that ESC passed the resolution as well at their board meeting tonight.


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  • Davina Hovanec says:

    @Davina Hovanec This policy would give GLBT persons places to live where they can feel more secure that their roommates are not going to attack them because of their sexual orientation and/or gender expression and identity.

  • Shira says:

    @Shira Good work, Miranda!

    1. Miranda... says:

      @Miranda... sings.

  • A fan says:

    @A fan Sarah Weiss is the best person to ever walk on planet earth. ROCK STAR!!!!

  • Ben Weiner says:

    @Ben Weiner It makes no sense to have archeological layers of flyers. No campfire required, just stop over- plastering and other people will too.

  • duh! says:

    @duh! two twin beds = one king size bed!

  • Single Guy says:

    @Single Guy Hey laaaaaaaaadies…

  • Columbia12 says:

    @Columbia12 I think this is first and foremost for the gays. And I for once approve! :)

  • Seriously says:

    @Seriously who the fuck would want to live with their insignificant other in college? Hell even after college?

  • Required Name says:

    @Required Name Another day, another resolution that gets a cursory look by the administration and filed to the circular filing cabinet.

  • I doubt says:

    @I doubt many heterosexual couples will use this new policy to live together. I don’t know any same-sex couples who have been dumb enough to try it. I feel like it will mostly just be friends of the opposite sex — likely with mismatching sexual orientations. Maybe not, though. I still think it’s a good idea.

    1. probably says:

      @probably If the lesbian couples I know were able to avoid moving in together (cue the old U-Haul joke), I’m sure heterosexual couples will manage to be sensible, haha.

      In all seriousness, I’m very happy about this, I think it was a silly, outdated policy. I disagree with the idea that this move was only for the gays (although I foresee that gay males/straight females will be the most prevalent mixed-gender pairing), as I know some straight girls with close straight male friends who they’d want to room with.

  • What happens when says:

    @What happens when a Christian and an athiest student share a double?

    They’re sharing a room with the opposite sects!

    1. the punster says:

      @the punster returns! After all that harmony bs, it’s nice to have puns back on bwog.

  • this says:

    @this This is a terrible idea. The number of transfer requests when couples break up will skyrocket.

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