Tired as the “poor college student” cliché may be, it’s based on some unfortunate reality. And, since heavens knows we can’t depend on the meal-plan to keep us happy, healthy, and free of scurvy, Bwog presents the smart shopper’s guide to getting stuff college students really want for cheap. Got suggestions for stores (within walking distance of campus) whose specials we should include in our weekly round-up? Leave them in the comments.


Morton Williams, Broadway and 115th

Bagel Bites, 2 for $4.00

Simply Asia noodle bowls, 2 for $3.00

Stonyfield Yogurts, 3 for $3.00

Nutella, $3.99 for a 13oz. jar

Westside Market, Broadway and 110th

Classico pasta sauce, $2.99 per jar

Amy’s soups, 2 for $5

Kozy Shack chocolate and rice pudding, 2 for $5

Get seasonal! Apple cider, 2 for $5

Apple Tree Market, Amsterdam between 120th and 121st

Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $ 5.99 for a 17oz. bottle

Tide detergent, $ 7.99 for a 50 oz. jug

Emmi Swiss yogurt, 5 for $4


Fairway, 12th Ave between 132nd and 133rd

Quaker oatmeal, 2 canisters for $4

Quaker instant oatmeal, variety of flavors, 2 for $6

Kraft mac’n’cheese, $.75 per box

Annie’s mac’n’cheese, $5.99 for a 6-pack

Skippy Peanut Butter, 2 jars for $4

Bounty paper towels, 8 rolls for $12.29

Tostitos, including the beloved “hint of lime” flavor, $ 3.79 per bag

Thomas bagels, 2 packages for $5

Nutella, $3.49 for a 13oz. jar (giving MoWo a run for their money. Worth the walk? You decide.)


CTown Market, 125th between Broadway and Amsterdam

 Cheerios, 2 for $5

Dannon yogurts, 6 for $3

Tide detergent, $6.49 for a 50 oz. jug (beating out Apple Tree by over a dollar!)

Limes, 8 for $1 (this is undeniably the best deal ever. Limes for your G&Ts, for your post-“miracle fruit” sour binging… the possibilities are endless)


Met Food Market, Amsterdam and 124th

Dole bagged salad, 2 for $5

Red delicious apples, $.99 per lb.

Butter, $1.99 for a 4-pack

White Rose brand orange juice, 2 for $3

Chef Boyardee canned pasta, $.99 per can


D’Agostino*, Broadway and 110th

Twinings Tea, $5.79 for a 50-pack

 Chips Ahoy cookies, $2.99 per bag

 *to get these deals, you must have a D’Ag card- which is  free and supposedly easy to sign-up for in the store

Garden of Eden, Broadway and 107th

Rao’s pasta sauce, $7.99 per jar, all flavors

Eggs, $2.99 per dozen

Stash brand teas, $2.99 per box




Photo by Andreas Gursky, via www.moma.org