DSC_0258It’s one of the more wonderful times of the year: family, food, football, and enough helium to make the entire Upper West Side sound like the aliens from Toy Story.  That’s right, folks–keeping with 83 glorious years of Thanksgiving tradition, the annual Macy’s parade took the city by storm yesterday morning, and brave photographer Chris Jordan was there to document the experience on film (i.e. memory card).

This year’s parade was as grandiose as ever, featuring enormous floats of such icons as the Pillsbury Doughboy, Hello Kitty, Santa Claus, and giant peppermint candies to boot.  Many tourists had once-in-a-lifetime experiences and many natives grumbled about the traffic, but a common thread of celebration and autumnal joy bound almost everyone together; as for you, Columbia, Bwog hopes that you had a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

More photos of the parade after the jump.



Real-life smurfs are actually quite large


Spectators watch from ABC's Times Square studios


The boundary between Thanksgiving and Christmas is so artificial


Happy Thanksgiving, New York!