Mysterious “Film Shoot” Outside River

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“Smuggler” refers to a production company based in New York, but, alas, it’s not actually a film shoot.   A phone call to the company revealed that they’re shooting a Cottonelle commercial.  Perhaps they’ll give us some samples to replace the wax paper currently supplied to dorms.

Update, 5:07 PM: B&W Editor-in-Chief Juli Weiner says that the commercial is being filmed in Book Culture.  That’s quite the mashup.  New photo after the jump.


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  1. nosey environmentalist  

    apparently the commercial is about how you can take toilet paper anywhere. earlier they were shooting by riverside park on 122nd.

    cottonelle is great, but 100% recycled toilet paper is better!! go green!

  2. Hooah

    Bwog: Just received the Smoking Ban survey. I of course selected that I support the ban; after all, I oppose suicide and second-hand-homicide, and hope this is a positive step on the road to eliminating cigarettes completely.

  3. not as amusing

    as choosing cancer right in front of Butler and blowing smoke in the face of self-righteous douches like you

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