Might Be Time To Break Out Your Rock Salt

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snowmarkHow much snow will we see this weekend?

Well, Bwog’s crack meteorology team has spent most of the day keeping an eye on the multiple forecasts pouring out of the National Weather Service, Accuweather, and Weather Underground computer models, and they report that the predicted amounts of snowfall keep climbing.

What was a 1 to 3 inches prediction as of last night has become an 8 to 12-inch prediction as of late this afternoon, though that number could still change between now and Saturday, when the snow is supposed to begin. As you probably have already gleaned from an unceasing stream of celebratory Facebook status updates, snow has already begun falling to the south—Washington may see 20-inch accumulations while the rest of the mid-Atlantic is looking to get significant white stuff. Accordingly, New York City is now officially under a winter weather warning.

So how much snow will it take to get finals postponed?

Well, that answer our Bwog meteorologists don’t know, but with any luck this weekend, maybe we’ll find out.

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  1. because  

    we want finals postponed. What a great idea that would be.

  2. Wow!  

    Does this mean I might be able to study for finals over break?!?!?!?! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, I wish was home to enjoy the snow, instead of here at this miserable institution.

  3. damn  

    some of us gotta fly home...get me the hell out of this place!!!

  4. Anonymous  

    would they ever really postpone finals?

  5. Ugh  

    as long as it clears up by the 22nd, I don't give a f***

  6. postpone finals?  

    snowway, jose

  7. psh finals live forever

    like evil paper demons of some sort. As long as the snow fades by Tuesday I'm still screwed. Plus the snow's supposed to end on Sunday which means unless you have a Saturday final...

  8. omfg bwog

    don't raise my hopes like that!

  9. you realize that  

    snow that would potentially postpone your finals would also postpone your flights home.

    • Ha  

      I live in New Jersey, bitches!

      Sides, only way school's canceled is if it gets so cold, every water pipe freezes and bursts. Or terrorism.

      • Californian  

        insert generic NJ diss here (I can speak for a good chunk of the non-eastcoasters, when I say that we don't really get this collective hatred btw).

        As far as the rest of this goes, I'm troubled by this prayer for crazy weather that (in order to disrupt the impending doom that is finals) would probably have to be lousy enough to keep all of us who need to fly home, here well past Christmas.

        So as long as we're all wishing for strange/improbable miracles, why not go all out?: I wish for some brilliant/benevolent SEAS Comp Sci student to hack into the registrar's servers/mainframe (...that sounds like computer talk right?) and change all of the miserable grades that we (the bwog community) are collectively about to earn to A's --> any takers?

        • no way  

          I don't want anybody lowering my grades from A+ to A

          • Californian  

            haha, well played, sir.

            When you have left this place with you're A+s and your pile of gold stars, considering hiring an incompetent like myself to add some levity to the atmosphere of whatever office of a non-profit/business/gov't agency you'll eventually be running.

            And until then, I'll keep praying for that unlikely benevolent hacker, and you can pray for some linguistic innovator to come up with a new letter that precedes 'A' to fully recognize your talents

  10. Hey bwog

    keep us updated on how bad the snow's getting. otherwise it'll suck when I leave butler to realize that the snow'll keep me from getting back to my off campus housing!

  11. Jealous.

    They get snow days at Skidmore...would that I went to a little liberal arts college in the middle of nowhere.

  12. Yo

    where's my snow? I want a blizzard, not boring overcast

  13. wow  

    8 inches of snow on the ground in Dc now...

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