snowmarkHow much snow will we see this weekend?

Well, Bwog’s crack meteorology team has spent most of the day keeping an eye on the multiple forecasts pouring out of the National Weather Service, Accuweather, and Weather Underground computer models, and they report that the predicted amounts of snowfall keep climbing.

What was a 1 to 3 inches prediction as of last night has become an 8 to 12-inch prediction as of late this afternoon, though that number could still change between now and Saturday, when the snow is supposed to begin. As you probably have already gleaned from an unceasing stream of celebratory Facebook status updates, snow has already begun falling to the south—Washington may see 20-inch accumulations while the rest of the mid-Atlantic is looking to get significant white stuff. Accordingly, New York City is now officially under a winter weather warning.

So how much snow will it take to get finals postponed?

Well, that answer our Bwog meteorologists don’t know, but with any luck this weekend, maybe we’ll find out.