The Blue and White is in the market for a new publisher, who would begin in February and hold the position until January 2011.

Applicants should ideally have some experience in production, sales, advertising (both Internet and print), or PR (whether via an internship or working with campus publication/creative production/student group), but we’ll be considering anyone with an enthusiasm for the magazine.

The publisher is in charge of everything business- and publicity- related, which includes but is not limited to: soliciting ads on a monthly (and longer-term) basis; handling requests for subscriptions; working with our printer/ABC; brainstorming fund-raising opportunities; planning events; sitting atop the masthead; and glad-handing the staff (pictured above) during our monthly parties.

Interested parties should e-mail a short note detailing their background and interest in the position before January 31. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail this address as well.