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Update: The Worries of Wien

Wieners, rejoice! Your times of woe are over. As far as our sources can tell, the dreaded Wien-wide raid was not conducted. Res Life’s threatening letters effectively dealt with the case of the mysteriously disappearing furniture, and all kitchen and computer lab cushions and chairs have been returned to their rightful place – though perhaps not all in their original forms. Some self-sacrificing residents seem to have given up their own room chairs for the greater good – or perhaps for a little more room to breathe.

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  • Where says:

    @Where is the eyepoke bwog?! I want to know what I don’t need to read!

  • hmmm says:

    @hmmm i suspect these were the writer’s house people

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Well they did raid East Campus. Talk about an invasion of privacy.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous invasion of privacy? i’m pretty sure your housing contract permits housing to enter your room basically whenever they want. nice try though.

      1. hmmm says:

        @hmmm well, just because the contract allows it doesn’t make it an invasion of privacy.

        1. surfin' USW says:

          @surfin' USW “well, just because the contract allows it doesn’t make it an invasion of privacy”

          Kinda does actually. Invasion of privacy suggests going above and beyond what is permitted to them; and checking the rooms (as opposed to say raiding your underwear drawer) is permitted.

          The Writer’s House is on the 2nd floor….Kinda makes the most sense really.

          1. Surfin' UES says:

            @Surfin' UES Kinda opposed to drawer) is permitted just Invasion floor… contract allows it doesn’t make it an underwear of actually. “well,

            of going suggests and beyond what most sense The Writer’s because to them; and privacy” checking invasion Kinda makes the rooms (as your above is.

            does say raiding House is privacy on the the 2nd . the really. permitted

  • will says:

    @will i’m assuming you mean “just because the contract allows a search, a search may still be an invasion of privacy”

    only if you’re using privacy in a general sense–in this case, an irrelevant one, because you signed a contract allowing Housing to enter your room. how does Housing violate a right that *you don’t have?* (that right being freedom from all searches?) “privacy” is only being violated if you assume that the dignity of human persons comes part and parcel with an abstract “right to privacy,” which is just nonsense on stilts

    1. will says:

      @will in reply to 9:45

  • Wow says:

    @Wow Look at me! I’m so cool! I can quote Jeremy Bentham like every other person who took cc

    1. I mean... says:

      @I mean... why do they teach it to us if not to use it on bwog?

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