Bwoglines: Pricy Metrocards

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Metrocards may be on the rise next year because the MTA has no money. Start panicking. (Gothamist)

And Columbia had to give out fewer faculty awards because we don’t have a whole lot of, say, discretionary income. (Spectator)

Bike groups like Critical Mass are getting the legislative equivalent of a cop’s two-handed shove, and will be forced to organize events like, well, every other protest-ish group in the city. (The New York Times)

That HUGE, SEX- AND DRUG-FILLED David Paterson story isn’t so big after all. (The New York Times)

Coney Island will open a new amusement park, Luna Park, next year. Cheap amusements! (New York Post)

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  1. so the mta

    raises the monthly card to $100, while still providing shit service and constant construction delays.

    makes columbia look good doesn't it?

  2. I was bitterly disappointed after being led to this post by a google search for the BBW Japanese Sex Doll that can also be used to transport heroin across state lines.

    Can this comment double as my Bwog Personal? xoxoxxoXXX

  3. tip  

    gossip girl is filming on 116th.....chace crawford is doing a scene right now!

  4. MTA

    Is it really that difficult to give a college student pass? Most other universities in big cities have them

  5. Anonymous

    Eh. For DC's Metro system, a single trip still costs nearly twice as much as a round-trip on the NYC subway.

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