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The beautiful people of Gossip Girl have returned to campus. The cast and crew are set up and shooting on 116th near Claremont, and tipsters are abuzz with sightings of “good ol’ Blair Waldorf” (who, we might suggest, looks like a yellow Carmen Sandiego) and “Lacrosse Hottie and Actor-Extrodinare Chase Crawford” giving “a performance for the ages.” Think twice before heading over there in your sweats, kids! We’re supposed to look like Yale, after all!

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  1. Anonymous

    it's CHACE! Chace Crawford.

  2. surfin' UWS  

    Surfin UWS is not ashamed to say that he religiously watches Gossip Girl and that the ridiculously hot Leighon Meester smiling in his vague direction earlier was the highlight of his day.

    ...He doesn't have a lot going on these days.

  3. cc  

    so THAT was the craft service food table i almost stole a donut from. regrets...

  4. ...  

    if columbia were actually part of new york city, no one would care...

  5. Everybody knows  

    Gossip Girl is a terrible show

  6. They should

    seriously consider filming the entire show in Mudd. Oh, and they should let me bang the one of the hot chix. If those two things happen, i might start watching the show.

    • seas kid  

      i would really enjoy spending my free time watching a show that takes place entirely inside where i spend all of my time that is not free. i think it's more like, if they'd let me bang one of the hott chix, i'd watch it even if it was filmed in mudd!

  7. wow

    i wish there were actually chicks this hot who went to columbia/barnard...the eye candy is non existent in this place

  8. chace crawford  

    was at Ollies!

    Sooo beautiful. I might fail my midterm tomorrow but at least my day was blessed by his beauty.

  9. just  

    wondering - why are there not more comments on this? I can't believe i missed this - are there not as many gossip girl fans here as i thought? (i guess that's a good thing..)

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