Good Housing Options Are Surely By Mistake

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With the news that Columbia will be permanently adding 50 students to the College, Bwog has been wondering where, exactly, they’ll be putting everyone.

Last week, Columbia announced that a new brownstone will be available for undergraduate suite selection this year.  548 W. 113th Street is a cozy, eight-room building nestled between the sororities and Symposium.  The four elevator-less floors are boast enormous studio doubles (300 square feet) with kitchens and bathrooms–clearly the administrators have never been inside, or they would surely start moving walls.  There’s even a room in the basement (don’t worry; it has windows).

The building was completely renovated last summer.  Columbia installed new fake wood floors and (actually white) tiles in the bathrooms, including the shower (not those strange concrete shower floors other buildings have).  The kitchens are similar in size to those in the seven-person suites in 47 Claremont.

Unfortunately, none of the residents would allow Bwog to take photos of their room, so all we have to show from Friday’s open house is a photo of the lobby.  Housing will allow groups of two or four to pick one or two studio doubles respectively in this upcoming housing lottery.  Floor plans are not up yet and there’s no telling how this will affect the lottery, but Bwog suggests that this building will be taken by the most lucky juniors.

Registration begins March 1.  Good luck!

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  1. I  

    do wish that this residence hall was given a convenient name rather than just the boring address... any suggestions? Obama hall? Noodle hall? Plato? Aristotle?

  2. Harmony Hunter  

    by the way can someome

  3. Anonymous  

    wasn't someone murdered in this building?

  4. Alum

    "...Columbia will be permanently adding 50 students to the College..."

    Actually, Columbia will be adding 50 students to each class. After four years, that will ad 200 students to the College. It will take a lot more than a brownstone to accommodate them. Columbia obviously realizes that and will add enough beds to house everyone, probably by reassigning some more grad student housing to undergrads.

  5. curious... who

    are the people getting kicked out? grad students?

  6. I'm on board

    with this suggestion, though I don't have any ideas.

  7. Anonymous  

    it's transfer student housing right now.

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