Holster them bad boys!

Image via Flickr

Bwog has received word that until midnight tonight, CU Assassins has been suspended. According to tipsters, there was a security hole in the website that allowed other players to gain valuable knowledge about their targets with little information required. We’re assuming ESC is frantically doing engineer-y things to fix this.

“The Management” advises players to log in to the site and change their passwords. So if you haven’t done so already, do so! Then enjoy your last few moments of carefree ambling around campus until midnight tonight.

Full email after the jump.

Hello, assassins.

Due to security issues that have arisen on the website, we are suspending the assassins game until midnight tonight. During this time, please log in to your account and change your password from your alias. If you do not do so by midnight, any further issue that arises from your neglect to change the password will be out of our hands. If you are still having trouble logging in and changing it, please send us an email with the heading [CHANGE].

While the game is in suspension, no kills may occur. Any reports received will be ignored, and disputes are unnecessary.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope that your killing instinct does not overwhelm you during this time of abstinence.

–The Management