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Let It Snow Part 5 – Let The Snow Speak For Itself


With thanks to Jon Hill, Elizabeth Jacob, Mahrah Taufique, Derek Arthur, Matthew Martinez, and Michelle Madejski for the photos

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  • Lydia says:

    @Lydia These are so, so beautiful.

  • woah says:

    @woah gotta love me some platonic solids

    1. and says:

      @and the handsome sculptors of jj12

  • is there ANY CHANCE says:

    @is there ANY CHANCE school will be canceled tomorrow too??

  • @DicksAtColumbia Hey guys,

    Please don’t forget to submit pictures of any snow penis sculptures you may find to! This snow is perfect for a good dick.

    Dicks At Columbia

  • Angela says:

    @Angela Awesome pictures guys! :)

  • War on Fun Continues says:

    @War on Fun Continues BWOG, a sophomore (Brigid Babbish) and freshman (Blair McClendon) built the first giant snowball today. Security came and took it away with a snow plow. The second video’s at the youtube site. This needs an article, now!

    1. Wow, says:

      @Wow, That’s so sad! If only that giant snowball had made it to the garden of large snow sculptures!

    2. ridiculous says:

      @ridiculous students getting mugged feet away from campus buildings, campus security is nowhere to be found. giant amazing snowball? shut that shit down.

    3. yea wtf says:

      @yea wtf that was just stupid.

      campus security preventing you from drinking a beer on the steps = war on fun

      campus security taking away your gigantic snowball after you’ve been aimlessly pushing it around campus for 10 minutes = just hilarious

      seriously, what were those students going to do with that thing? obnoxiously block the entrance to random buildings?

    4. yo says:

      @yo LOL should’ve rolled that shit into hamilton

    5. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous wow the black kid (just a convenient identifier) in the video is annoying

    6. Why did says:

      @Why did I watch 10 min of nothing? They just moved it out of the way…Also that kid WAS annoying. Just making mountains of molehills, Columbia kids.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Sarcasm, guys, sarcasm.

  • columbia university highlights says:

    @columbia university highlights lots of snow… cancelled classes by 3:30 pm

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous cool

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous the snow is perfect for building shit. you can carve is basically.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Amazing photos

  • whoa says:

    @whoa the reCAPTCHA words were “becomes white”.

  • Wow, says:

    @Wow, Snow-cube is almighty and all-powerful.

  • AWESOME! says:


  • Thanks, Bwog! says:

    @Thanks, Bwog! Happy, happy snow!

    There’s a fantastic Cooper-Union snow cube in front of Hamilton, and a snow beast with LEGS facing Alma Mater on the Butler side of the sundial.

  • Thanks, Bwog! says:

    @Thanks, Bwog! Happy, happy snow!

    There’s a fantastic Cooper Union snow-cube in front of Hamilton, and a massive snowman with LEGS facing Alma Mater on the Butler side of the sundial.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous These pictures are stunning! Bravo BWOG :)

  • Mising image says:

    @Mising image Huge snowman outside Furnald

  • skiteamer says:

    @skiteamer yeah george stern, kill that jump

    1. skiteamer2 says:

      @skiteamer2 Definitely about to throw a spread eagle.

  • Plato says:

    @Plato I find image 3 particularly compelling.

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