1. Anonymous  

    Isn't "compensation" against the rules? Or is this a loophole?

  2. Anonymous  

    As a Junior or Senior getting a 120sf single should not be that hard. It hardly bigger than a JJ single...

  3. Anonymous  

    Maybe the rising sophomores will do that person's laundry and clean their room or something. What a weird potential suite dynamic.

  4. ME

    Maybe there are sexual favours involved?

  5. Surfin UWS  

    This is just ridiculous.

    If you don''t have the social circle needed for a suite; get yo ass in a double. That's what they're for. This is as big of a gamble as general selection.

  6. spectrum  

    lets face it, its beating the system at its own game. ivy league students 1 columbia beaurcracy 0.

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