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Book Culture is having a sale today! Take advantage of 20% of everything in both locations, with some exclusions including course books and periodicals. The sun will feel even better knowing that you’ve boycotted Barnes & Noble supported an independent bookstore. It’s the last day of break! Go wild!

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  1. Anonymous people screw the bookstores that rip you off

  2. blech

    i wouldn't normally advocate amazon, but i really hate bookculture. they literally offered me 20 bucks for my _pristine_ cc set. seriously, it was so demeaning standing there, "hm bible, we can't take that," "hobbes' leviathan? $1." i'm not saying that cu bookstore would have been much better, but if i'm going to get fucked by a bookstore, i might as well save myself a couple blocks.

  3. Sigh  

    Rational economic behavior people maximize your utility under budget constraints

  4. blech

    ... or better yet save money and time by just going online

  5. the library... free!!

  6. no shit...  


  7. oh hey!  

    we passed health care!!! Bwog, tell everyone to watch!!!

  8. HCR WOOOO!!!!!!!  


  9. I do not  

    want to go backkkkkkkkkk

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