You be the judge, and I'm the caseSatow Room Bureau Chief James Downie brings you the latest from CCSC:

The Freedom to Light Up: The only voting matter before the council last night was a smoking ban resolution declaring CCSC’s opposition to a campus-wide ban. The resolution, from 2011 VP Sean Udell, 2012 Class Rep Kenny Durrell and University Senator Tim Lam, particularly noted that 56% of CC students opposed a ban in last year’s survey, and resolved that CCSC members on the (never-ending) Smoking Work Group should push for a recommendation that does not include a campus-wide ban.

The Battle Continues: On the Study Day issue, faculty members, seemingly desperate to avoid starting class before Labor Day (as well as logic and good sense), now suggest having finals over both Saturday and Sunday (with provisions for those with religious commitments), getting rid of the Monday before Election Day, and ending classes on a Friday instead of a Monday (thus turning the weekend before exams into part of the study period). Thankfully, heads shook around the room, though University Senator Alex Frouman noted that getting the faculty to start before Labor Day will be “difficult.”

Justice Is Sexy?: The council also discussed judicial affairs with Dean Henry from Judicial Affairs. Admitting at the outset that she was “confused” by the Judicial Affairs website when she first looked at it, Dean Henry nevertheless expressed openness to creating “one comprehensive document” for students to look up. Council members particularly expressed interest in two areas: first, giving Judicial Affairs a friendlier face, both for new students and for those entering the Dean’s Discipline process–one council member suggested a campaign similar to the “Consent is Sexy” posters, prompting another member to pipe up “Justice is Sexy?” Second, VP for Finance Nuriel Moghavem and others suggested “student involvement in bigger cases,” to help set a more appropriate punishment for offenses. Henry expressed interest in the first part, but somewhat demurred on the second, only commenting that Dean’s Discipline currently “isn’t built for that.” Interestingly, three different CCSC members admitted to having undergone Dean’s Discipline already, though they all swore it was for small transgressions.

Tidbits: The student councils will hear back this week about which part of Schapiro’s first floor will be turned into student group space; President Sue Yang expressed hope that Schapiro Lounge would end up being the space converted…Nuriel Moghavem told Bwog that there’s still time to get in applications for the student grant project (i.e. free money for your worthy projects), and students who need extensions can ask for them…Finally, tickets for next year’s executive board are coming together – watch Bwog tomorrow for the latest on who’s running.