This evening at 9 p.m. on Lerner Ramps, CPU brings us a divinely inspired study break: Magnolia cupcakes and Fresca. While you’re waiting, take the CPU Census and you’ll be eligible to win a free MetroCard. You can also pick up your copy of the newest CPU CPR while you’re there. Thanks, guys!

UPDATE, 8 PM: There’s also free ice cream in Hillel. Third floor lounge. Go get ’em, tigers.

DOUBLE UPDATE, 9:07 PM: Students began assembling in Lerner at around 8:50 PM, jostling around a table on the ramps. But as the crowd grew, and failed to form a line, hysteria set in. The cupcakes were taken out, and it was revealed that they were Morton Williams Magnolia miniatures that many frenzied students mistook for Morton Williams minis. Hysteria quickly turned to pandemonium. Some students abided by the rules and dutifully sacrificed their UNIs to the CPU listserv. Others simply swarmed. Students elbowed their way out the crowd, holding their mini cupcakes aloft and complaining to each other. “The power of cupcakes,” noted one calm voice amidst the storm. “Who knew? And they’re not even that good!”