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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win the lottery? Bwog’s most stoic of Housing Correspondents, David Hu, brings you the gloats and surprisingly humble (for some) reactions of the recipients of this year’s best housing lottery numbers.

Bwog: What’s it like all the way at the top? Have people been congratulating you?

Winner 1: Yes, people have been congratulating me, but on the whole, people tend to be more jealous. They get this sad look like fate dealt them an unfair hand.

Winner 2: People usually say its lonely at the top, but i’ve had ladies all over me so far.

Winner 3: I’m honestly stunned, and grateful for this blessing. I posted the news on facebook, and people have been congratulatory there. I know that getting a high number is just as likely as getting a low number, and I’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve this. But it is still exciting to be given this opportunity to get the housing we wanted.

Bw: Would you generally consider yourself a lucky person?

W1: I am definitely a lucky person. I think that if you generally have a positive outlook on life that you will reap positive benefits. And even if something negative happens to you, if you have a positive outlook, you can put a positive spin on anything negative.

W2: Have you seen you seen what I look like?

W3: I would say that I have been blessed before. I mean, I’m here at Columbia, aren’t I? I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, a very supportive group of family and friends, and a natural aptitude for my chosen field (medicine). All of these are things outside of my control to a large extent, and the circumstances could have been very different. I just try to focus on the things I can control and work from there.

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Bw: What is your top housing pick?

W1: EC, I’m in a suite. Something with a view? Haha!

W2: EC Townhouse… ya’ll better keep ya girlfriends locked up next year.

W3: My suitemates and I went in looking for an EC exclusion suite.

Bw: At this point, do you think you’ll get it?

W1: I’m pretty sure my group will get EC (knock on wood), but that view might have to wait until next year.

W2: That’s what she said

W3: Our point combination is 26.666 (two seniors, one junior counted), so I think we are pretty much guaranteed an EC exclusion suite, unless the world ends or someone reveals that this was just a massive April Fool’s joke (which frankly, I find more probable than actually getting a number as high as we did).

Bw: Is there anything special about your group or situation? (teammates, club, potential for a single all four years, etc.)

W1: Meh… nothing really special. It’s 5 guys (unfortunately). I typically prefer coed housing, but with luck, some of my other friends will be in the building some where else.

W2: We’re hot, we’re fast, and we like to party.

W3: There isn’t anything that particular about our suite except that a majority of us are active members of the Catholic group on campus