Photo via CU Housing

The residents of Schapiro face a dreaded Housing raid, as lounge furniture-pilfering students failed to learn a lesson from Wien/EC. It seems that 3 chairs and 3 tables have gone missing from the 2nd, 9th, 10th and 11th floor lounges. Who’s hosting a dinner party in their Schapiro double? Housing has given the hooligans until 9 am on Friday, March 26 to return the furniture before the raiding begins!

Full email from Housing after the jump.

Dear Schapiro Hall Residents:

I am writing with an important and critical update for all Schapiro residents.  A number of pieces of furniture have gone missing from the 2nd, 9th, 10th and 11th floor lounges.  Specifically, 3 chairs and 3 tables are missing.

The Office of Residential Programs is committed to providing a residential experience that encourages respect, mutual understanding, and a sense of community.  When individuals in our community remove furniture from our common lounge for private usage, the community is impacted.  Schapiro RAs previously sent an e-mail encouraging the prompt return of all lounge furniture.

The primary goal is to have the furniture returned to the lounges immediately so that our entire community can benefit from the use of the lounge.  Our last resort will be to conduct room searches; however, if all of the furniture is not returned by 9 am on Friday, March 26, Residential Programs, Housing, and Facilities staff will enter residential rooms between 9 am and 5 pm on that date.  Any piece of “missing” furniture found in a student room will immediately be removed from the room and returned to the lounge.  Each resident who has furniture in their room will be subject to the Dean’s Discipline process.    We hope that we will not have to take this step so would appreciate everyone’s cooperation in resolving this matter.

I appreciate your consideration of the Schapiro community.


Darleny Cepin