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4/4, 11 AM: We’ve read the comments on this post and we understand why some of you are upset with our deciding to post this email. We absolutely appreciate the importance of any incarnation of 40s on 40, but we also recognize that the secrecy of the event–announced in an e-mail to hundreds of students and posted publicly on Spectrum earlier in the day—was of a dubious nature at the time of our decision and balanced by Bwog’s commitment to providing students with information about their community. Student council representatives, members of the Senior Underground, and any other student is welcome to tell us how they feel at [email protected]. -The Editors

We didn’t want to spoil it, but now that the cat’s out of the bag, we’re happy to tell you that 40s on 40 is still on, albeit unofficially.  This email was sent to members of the senior class today by Senior Underground:

Hey 2010,

So apparently the news just broke about the senior class councils’ decision to not have an official 40s on 40 event this year. However, don’t freak out because this is exactly what was planned!

Basically, the problem is that if the councils throw an official 40s on 40 event, that means Public Safety will be there too–with their fences, their wristbands, their one-crappy-drink-per-hour rule, and their random bag searches. Seeing as how we thought that doesn’t sound too fun, the councils and I hatched a plan: we’d tell the admins we really didn’t want to do this anymore, then have an underground event all our own that they can’t control.

So don’t freak out! We’re in the final planning stages now of our 40s on 40 event! 40 Days will be celebrated on [date withheld]. You will be receiving a Facebook invite as well as another email from me in the next few days with all the details. You’ll also be receiving a ton of free stuff related to this next week.

So, again, don’t freak out! Everything’s going to be fine! Your class councils and I would never let a tradition like 40s on 40 disappear! When you get Cliff’s class email this week, the administration is making him attach a document that details the council’s reasoning for canceling the event. Feel free to read it, but just know that there’s still a great underground event that will be going on–free of the administration!

–Senior Underground

(Emphasis added.)

Good luck!

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  1. wait-

    why didn't i get this email?

  2. bummed senior  

    ...do we really think no one in the administration will see it and bust this?

  3. Anonymous

    The administration is so gonna ruin this. 40s used to just happen without emails but now the admin will have to do something about it. Tip for '11, don't coordinate, JUST DO IT.

  4. hello  

    bwog, why would you post this???

  5. Anonymous  

    Not very cool Bwog.

    Spectrum > Bwog

  6. guys  

    bwog didn't publish the date and it was already on spectrum (again w/o the date) ... what's the issue?

    when it happens public safety's still gonna go give people a hard time because they're bitches and they know it looks bad to prospective parents who are visiting campus ... secrecy is not a huge issue, but still you gotta applaud a little discretion on bwog's part.

    OE & Colt in nalgenes is the way to go - though it still probably won't last long.


  7. umm  

    wtf bwog, seriously?! it was underground for a reason

  8. spectrum

    posted it first. so they're not ruining anything per se. although think both spectrum and bwog should take it down after today, so there's no record. I doubt admins read the blogs daily, but they will probably see it eventually.

  9. Wait...  

    Are you seriously retarded... yeah BWOG didn't post the date... but there is only ONE FUCKING DATE for 40 days before graduation...That's the point 40s (of beer) on 40 (days until graduation), if it is any other date then the obvious choice it isn't the tradition anyway.

  10. seriously?  

    this is why we can't have nice things.

  11. Krommdor...

    reads BWOG multiple times a day.

  12. senior  

    I didn't get this email. What the fuck, senior underground? you done with me or what?

  13. Both Spectrum and Bwog  

    are flaming idiots for having posted this in the first place. Screw you Amanda Cormier, person who proudly put her name on the Spectrum article, and screw you Bwog, for further exposing this.

    Though to be fair, the idea of posting the event on Facebook is equally idiotic as well.

  14. um guys  

    yeah security's gonna bomb this regardless of what happened on spectrum or bwog. hey, because ITS ON THE FUCKING STEPS.

    so, yeah.

  15. Umm

    What is public safety going to do when hundreds of seniors roll up on College Walk? I doubt it really matters whether or not Columbia knows this is happening. Go civil disobedience!

  16. wut

    ya'll at bwog are idiots. this is not going to help the fact that spectrum is blowinnggg you guys out of the water

  17. bwog  

    you used to not steep to this level. the precense of spectrums competition has completley cahnged who you are, and you are STILL getting killed out there. go back to original bwog!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Senior Undergournd  

    Take this down ASAP.

    - Senior Underground.

  19. Anonymous  

    Bwog, you're idiots for posting this...thanks for helping 2010 doucebags

  20. In BWOG's Defense..  

    Hey, atleast they waited until Spec spilled the beans before they themselves became complete assholes and screwed over 2010, give them credit.

    Bwog editors (who are probably freshman or sophomores or something), do you realize that not publishing this article to any extent could have single-handidly restored you as superior to Spec for all time? It wouldnt even be a debate anymore. You guys really dropped the ball.

    • agreed

      Play to your strengths. Stop only putting up pictures of "cute" things. Fire your current editor if need be. Spec is still too busy congratulating itself for making a blog in the first place, so you still the chance to regain your former glory, but you're running out of time.

      • Anish  (Bwog Staff)

        Let us know what you'd like to see on Bwog! Email us at [email protected] or use the form at the top of the page.

    • Spec  

      also pulled the 40s on 40 post. Bwog didn't. nuff said.

  21. You're All Idiots  

    Anybody who is fooled into thinking that Columbia didn't already know about this little underground event BEFORE the "omg keep it sekret" email was sent is deluded.

    • THANK YOU  

      the whole omg it's a secret thing might have fallen through when say, the entire senior class is found drinking in public on low steps. they might figure out about this "underground"e event then.

  22. Anonymous

    Anish, whoever the fuck you are, take this down. Just because the administration is going to screw us doesn't mean you have to make it easy for them.

    • Anish  (Bwog Staff)

      If you have personal complaints, please email me directly at [email protected]

  23. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

    I just checked in with Spectrum, and their post was never down: a glitch in their system removed it on the front page, but it's visible again now.

  24. I didn't get...  

    an e-mail, and it seems that some other seniors didn't either...what gives senior underground?!

  25. Delete  

    this post already. That cannot be so complicated.

  26. Not cool...  

    if bwog really wanted to do good for the cu community they would have taken this down. do the right thing bwog, take this down, and earn some cred. spectrum did, and you should too.

  27. Too late to put the genie in the bottle

    But it rubs me in the right way.

  28. Bwog Editors  

    are not seniors. And thus will not understand.

    Hope someone rains on your fucking parade, spoilsports. You might not give a shit 40s on 40 about it, but other people do. So if you take anything from your time at Columbia, learn common sense, have common decency, and learn when to STFU.

  29. bwog  

    is falling out of favor with the student body, real fast. For some reason, I always envisioned you to be more responsive to the student's body needs than Spectator. I now see how mistaken I was.

    If you are trying to be Spec, you will lose. They are better than you at it. You need to be BWOG. Delete the post.

  30. Bwog Editors  

    instead of just pointing out the obvious, do something and REMOVE THE POST ALREADY instead of just waiting for Spec to do something before agreeing in assent.

    Assertive much? Apparently not "Hans." Grow some stones and remove the post already before waiting for Mommy Spec to give you permission. Just because Spectrum hasn't done it yet doesn't mean you should keep this up anyway.


    Aaaand just as I suspected. None of you editors are seniors. And thus you don't actually understand what it actually means to some people to get to this point at Columbia, and actually get to do something that's been part of Columbia tradition for years. So thank you, for completely disrespecting the spirit of that tradition, the seniors of 2010 who've been waiting to graduate longer than you have, just to stir up some controversy / get people pissed off at you and revel in your little power trip.

    I don't know who to be more pissed off at, you all who decided to allow this to even be posted, or the spoil-sport of a senior who couldn't keep his/her obnoxious mouth shut.

    So THANK YOU to the following people for continuing to leave this post up:
    Hans E Hyttinen
    Anish Bramhandkar
    Eliza Shapiro

    Note: Much like this information is now public domain, so is your contact information. Enjoy the incoming flames! And if you remove this post, it only serves to show how hypocritical you actually are.

    P.S. Flattering Facebook picture, Hans.

    • you, dude,  

      REALLY need to chill.

      blame the senior who sent the email. or,

      blame the "underground" or whatever its called for not waiting until THE DAY BEFORE to plan a "secret" event. You guys obviously aren't ready to graduate and go to the real world if you think that an email sent to THOUSANDS of people would remain a "secret."

      by the way? if you think this is an actual, real ISSUE to get your panties all bunched about, you've got another thing coming when you get to your lil' trust fund issued loft in williamsburg in may and are still unemployed as fuck. THAT's when you'll want to be drinking 40s.

      bwog and spec are doing their jobs, which is to report campus news.

      class of 2010, i'm not really sure what your job was, but i don't think you did it.

    • Anonymous

      - You sound like one of those obsessed stalker trolls. Go and join a conspiracy theory group. Or fill your pockets with rocks and go jump into the Hudson.
      - There is no tradition. The "tradition" has been dead ever since the Administration got their hands on it.
      - It's too late to remove this information. The so-called "damage" has been done already.
      - If you want to blame someone, blame the student council member in 2007 that tried to ask the administration for trash cans for 40s. Because Columbia would surely help out an event that encourages drunkenness and is technically illegal!
      - The idiots behind this "Rage Against The Man" thing are idiots. I still have that email that encouraged under 21 drinking, with the class president's name attached to it.

    • Jon  (Bwog Staff)  

      Though I do admire your bravery in posting an anonymous, unsigned comment on our Web site, I need you to stop trying to intimidate my staff. You and I both know that's inappropriate, but feel free to contact me directly if you wish to dispute this.

      Perhaps you'd like to use your real name in future comments so the rest of our readers can get a look at your glorious profile picture on Facebook, too? At the least, I'm sure we'd all take your input more seriously.

  31. d00ds


  32. it's unanimous  

    that bwog has started sucking 15 inch dicks starting this year

  33. Alum

    People blaming BWOG are idiots. The admins know that on the day 40 days before graduation, there will be drinking and people will try to congregate on the steps to drink 40's. No one is fooling anyone by trying to be "underground".

    I just find it funny that seniors now aren't old enough to have ever seen a legit 40's on 40, and yet are crying about. The class of '06 was the last class to have it before admins got actively involved.

    BWOG, I still love you and don't let the haters get you down.

  34. Country Club  

    What this has lost us is maybe a grand 10-15 minutes of surprise time, and this being revealed was inevitable and immaterial from day1.

    40's on 40 was always gonna live or die on the basis of whether enough people were willing to come out and politely ignore anybody hassling them. And that's it. Who knows what matters fuck-all.

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