4/4, 11 AM: We’ve read the comments on this post and we understand why some of you are upset with our deciding to post this email. We absolutely appreciate the importance of any incarnation of 40s on 40, but we also recognize that the secrecy of the event–announced in an e-mail to hundreds of students and posted publicly on Spectrum earlier in the day—was of a dubious nature at the time of our decision and balanced by Bwog’s commitment to providing students with information about their community. Student council representatives, members of the Senior Underground, and any other student is welcome to tell us how they feel at editors@bwog.net. -The Editors

We didn’t want to spoil it, but now that the cat’s out of the bag, we’re happy to tell you that 40s on 40 is still on, albeit unofficially.  This email was sent to members of the senior class today by Senior Underground:

Hey 2010,

So apparently the news just broke about the senior class councils’ decision to not have an official 40s on 40 event this year. However, don’t freak out because this is exactly what was planned!

Basically, the problem is that if the councils throw an official 40s on 40 event, that means Public Safety will be there too–with their fences, their wristbands, their one-crappy-drink-per-hour rule, and their random bag searches. Seeing as how we thought that doesn’t sound too fun, the councils and I hatched a plan: we’d tell the admins we really didn’t want to do this anymore, then have an underground event all our own that they can’t control.

So don’t freak out! We’re in the final planning stages now of our 40s on 40 event! 40 Days will be celebrated on [date withheld]. You will be receiving a Facebook invite as well as another email from me in the next few days with all the details. You’ll also be receiving a ton of free stuff related to this next week.

So, again, don’t freak out! Everything’s going to be fine! Your class councils and I would never let a tradition like 40s on 40 disappear! When you get Cliff’s class email this week, the administration is making him attach a document that details the council’s reasoning for canceling the event. Feel free to read it, but just know that there’s still a great underground event that will be going on–free of the administration!

–Senior Underground

(Emphasis added.)

Good luck!