1. floretbroccoli  

    Yes. Amusing. But it's actually a specific implement -- a grapefruit spoon is serrated, to help separate segments from the shell.

  2. floretbroccoli  

    Ah, but this picture leads me to believe that it's more a wish than a reality.

  3. Anonymous  

    Bwog, kindly remove this knitting nonsense from the side of the screen. It is weird having that girl stare at me with her knit headband every time I come on this website.

  4. Anonymous  

    bwog, when do we start getting senior wisdoms?

  5. Suck it up, dood.  

    You don't see me writing comments about how you being a shallow dick "bothers" me.

  6. Nobler  

    The Geometer has nothing on the grapefruit spoon.

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