General Selection Has Begun!

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Starting at 12 today, those most blessed by the housing gods began logged on to the Star Rez portal at their appointed registration times. The process will continue until 4:27 this afternoon, so make sure not to miss your appointment! You can check your appointment time by UNI or by priority.

Since Columbia will constantly be updating their charts online, we shall not be liveblogging the selection process this time round, although you hardly need us to tell you that Watt is already gone. You can view what rooms are still available here. There’s also this handy video.

Update: According to the Housing website, floor plans are not loading in Firefox, so be sure you can login to pick your room on Chrome, Explorer, Safari, etc.

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  1. captcha:  

    "sad sojourns"


  2. Anonymous  

    what happens if i miss my appointment time? why am I not getting reminders from housing service?

  3. River or Broadway?  

    River or Broadway?

    Age old question. Would you even consider anything else?

    • In the same boat, pal!

      I opted for River, but without much conviction
      And does anyone really know how big 125 sq feet is?

    • Toss up  

      The layout of River is a bit better (if you're into the whole community thing) and has bigger rooms, but Broadway is a newer building and is generally nicer (up for debate). Also, don't count out the top floors of Schapiro, cause they are pretty solid too.

  4. Room selection  

    Do we have to go to John Jay (like suite selection), or can we do it from our laptops?

  5. Dear Bwog,  

    Question: Am I supposed to be able to see floorplans in the above link? Because I can't. Or can I only see them when I login to actually pick a room? Thanks.

  6. the fck?

    i was being a stalker, and looking up the unis of the people living on the floor i picked into on broadway, and there are rising sophomores who got singles there - how the fck is this possible?

    one rising sophomore even got the big single on the floor, meaning he picked before me, a rising senior - what's wrong here?

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