the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast

  2. Kissing Cousin?  


    The owner of that place is attached to this thing.

  3. GS'er  

    Is that Ma'oz place in the short-live Empanada Joe storefront ever going to really open? Is it me or has this been the longest work-on-progress ever?

    Just wondering if a healthier pizza-alternative might be in place by the start of the next academic year.... or not.

    • ws  

      I asked the people at the one on 70th st about this maybe two months ago now, and they said that it would be open "late spring or early summer," which made me assume early June.

  4. No  

    Haakon's Hall was the longest work in progress ever.

  5. Anonymous  

    How would you even eat the burger in the linked pic?

  6. Food For Thought

    Because BWOG made a post about how Mel's Burgers isn't on Google, it is now on Google via BWOG. Paradoxes are cool.

    This sentence is a lie.

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