Boringside Heights: Assumed Knowledge Edition

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In case you were wondering what building it was that you just walked into, Columbia has thoughtfully provided guidance for the lost:

Photos by DCH, GD & AB

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  1. Seriously?  

    They couldn't have gone with a plain blue rug?
    This is just tacky.

  2. Yikes.

    Are we no longer holding ourselves to a standard? Academically, the school's never been better. But, in terms of accoutrements, we're still nylon and velcro.

  3. Anonymous  

    How long until the Mudd carpet is in Lewisohn, the Lewisohn carpet's in Butler, and the Butler carpet set on fire in the middle of College Walk?

  4. Is this  

    what my tuition is paying for? If so, I want my money back.

  5. Anonymous  

    how much do you want to bet that they aren't permanent? $10 sez that they are removed after graduation.

  6. lawd a mercy  

    off-center Lewisohn rug FTL

  7. Anonymous  

    it's alumni week. they'll be gone in no time.

  8. I have a feeling  

    that some of these rugs will mysteriously disappear in the next few weeks

  9. Mudd carpet  

    Oh good, I was looking for a place to wipe my feet.

  10. anonymous  

    Oh come one these are cute

  11. OCD  

    Why is "Butler Library" not in caps? :|

    In that vein, the least they could do was small caps. C'mon people.

  12. I had sex 4 times last night

    So, when does one of those carpets get replaced with one of the exact same color and design but it says "COLUMBIA COLLEGE IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO"?

  13. the right side of B'way  

    somebody will vomit on the butler rug

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