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We’re used to the occasional mugging by underage punks around campus but March has seen greater than its fair share of crime.  Perusing our beloved campus crime blotter, Bwog noted several horrific incidents that happened in the last month.

Harassment via mobile devices and Internet-enabled computers is up sharply this month.  Five students and faculty reported being electronically harassed, including one professor who even received “annoying emails from a former student” and a student repeatedly getting “unwanted chat sessions.”

Clearly moved by the unwanted emails and impolite graffiti spotted during routine patrols, students here began to act out.  Two students fell off horses at the Equestrian Center and had to be hospitalized while another yelled at public safety officers towing her car near Brigham Hall.  One student reported an issue with a peer but “didn’t feel threatened in any way.”  Last week alone, a student was heard screaming in a room but could not be located when officers responded and another became “very emotional” after a fire drill.

This all culminated with a student who was so distraught that she doused herself in perfume and the odor purportedly set off the building’s fire alarm.

We understand that midterms are stressful especially with the lure of beautiful weather outside, but we beg you: take a step back and inhale deeply.  There’s only six more weeks to go!