There’s a bevy of free food available today if you know where to look. First, at 3:00 on Furnald Lawn, the Culinary Society is celebrating the end of the year with a fiesta. Get there quick for free tacos, beans, rice, aguas frescas, and tres leches cake.

Then, from 6:30 to 7:30 in the West Lerner Ramps Lounge, the Hapa Club is letting you make your own wrap/roll thing. Bwog is not really sure what the fillings will be (it looks like veggies and maybe some chicken of some sort) but thinks these will probably be delicious.

Update: The Helvidius Group is providing unspecified “food” at 5:00 in the Satow Room for the release of their Journal of Politics and Society.

Update 2: America Reads promises “tons of snacks, cake, Capri Suns” in the Broadway Room at 4.

Update 3, 3:50pm: Word on the street says that Pom is handing out free iced coffee on College Walk again. Quick, before they’re gone!

photo via flickr/nhanusek