Pillow Fight 2010: War!

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Team Butler's poster, photo via Facebook

The 5th Annual Primal Scream/Pillow Fight will commence at 11:55 tonight. This year, there will be a twist. Two Facebook groups were started to advertise the Pillow Fight, one encouraging its army to meet in front of Butler, the other to meet at the Sundial. Instead of merging, the creators (Lisa Mack and Sue Yang, respectively) decided to split into teams: Team Butler and Team Sundial will rush each other at the first strains of Primal Scream tonight at midnight. Glasses will be broken, pillows and voices will be lost, and everyone will get out their inhuman levels of frustration and stress. Hey, better out there than on here! Remember: for one hour a year, Columbia IS SPARTA.

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  1. Anonymous  


  2. Anonymous  

    Miss Lisa Mack Mack Mack! She will Attack Tack Tack! Watch out team Sundial!

    haha, love you Lisa!

  3. Anonymous  

    If I get punched in the face again for hitting someone with a pillow there will be at least a broken jaw this time

  4. Anonymous  

    I'm excited for the peace pile.

  5. ...  


  6. KCST  


  7. Helmet Cam  

    Bwog, is the effort worth a helmet cam shot of this event?

  8. bwog!  

    can you post your Primal Scream etiquette rules? Most people should know them by know (even the freshmen), but would you educate them nonetheless, so we haven't got any stragglers still screaming at 12:30 or so?


  9. anon pothead

    I finally started college at Columbia University in New York City. On the first day, I got high with a new friend on my floor. After this, I got high every day that week. Again, acceptance was a big thing. I had made up my mind before I went to school that I was going to find the party scene, because it would be a great way to meet friends in college. At the time, I had a mindset to leave with a degree, not an education. I thought I wasnt going to smoke every day just on the weekends for fun. I dabbled in drinking, but definitely did more smoking than anything else.

  10. Hans  (Bwog Staff)  

    Also, please don't hit photographers.

  11. Anonymous  

    it's too cold outside! :)

  12. anonymous asian  

    lisa mack doesn't like asian people so i'm not going :(

  13. Anonymous  

    I'd like to file a noise complaint
    for screaming

  14. bwog!  

    where was your primal scream post? i was looking forward to some Edvard Munch to get me through my studying for one last time!

  15. Hah:  


  16. Kyle Merber  

    chill ooooouuuuuuutttttttt

  17. Anonymous  

    so team Bulter kind of dominated...just sayin'.

  18. Anonymous  

    Schapiro just had a fire drill. assholes..

  19. swords  

    pretty sure swords are not

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