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We’re hearing that, just like last year, seniors’ CUIDs were deactiviated at midnight along with the rest of the undergraduate population. Seniors are still living in their dorms, as they haven’t actually graduated yet, while 2013, 2012 and 2011 had to be out of their dorms by noon today. Same deal as last time, 2010: go to Hartley and get your ID reactivated. Let Bwog know if your CUID still isnt working after reactivation or if other Housing snafus pop up.

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  1. JON

    In the spirit of Postcrypt, the administration should read this post and punish Housing for being retarded

  2. In the City for the Summer

    What about swiping into Lerner for mail and Butler for books? Can we still do that?

  3. Anonymous

    "What about swiping into Lerner for mail and Butler for books? Can we still do that?"
    dumb question, shouldn't even be asking this

  4. Sweep access back?

    When do we get swipe access back, I need to do an epic flyering mission

  5. Anonymous  

    I'm a Barnard senior in Columbia housing, and as of two days ago my swipe access stopped working. I spent a ridiculous time in Hartley trying to get it fixed, and they ultimately told me that there was absolutely nothing they could do. Apparently every time I want to get into my dorm, I have to explain the situation to security and have them call Housing to verify I still live here. Awesome.

  6. dodge

    Can we get into the gym still?

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