Today In Plagiarism: 2011 Class Council Steals Joke From Varsity Show

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Look at how we caught your eye with that headline!

Remember that sub-plot in V116 about Dean “Double D” Denburg’s Big Bear/Little Bear initiative? The one where DD matched Barnard first-years and upperclassmen in a binding friendship contract and Jenny couldn’t sneak out and meet Yonatan at 1020? That sucked for both of them, but then (SPOILER ALERT) everything worked out OK in the end.

The 2011 Class Council, is doing something eerily similar in real life, but they didn’t plagiarize anything and we were just making a little nod to current events. The council is launching an initiative: “Senior Pals.” Here’s how it will work: CC 11ers will be paired up with incoming CC 14ers so that our new fresh-friends will have someone to ask questions like “should I buy the grapes at Cafe 212?” (no!) or “EC, Heights, or Campo?” (rap about it!) or “where is the 9 train?” (it doesn’t exist anymore!) What’s in it for you, wizened, tough guy CC senior? Free lunch! There will be a welcome luncheon in the fall for Big Pals and Little Pals.

Pals will be matched according to residence hall (if you lived in John Jay, you’ll be paired with a current JJ resident) and hometown, althouh Udell acknowledged that it will be difficult to get both those matches for all Pals. Udell, who started the initiative, explained its existence to Bwog: “during the campaign I had a lot of people lament the ‘cold’ nature of Columbia, and this seems one way to warm things up a bit.”

Udell and Learned Foote, CCSC President, will send out an email in July to the incoming 14ers saying hi and explaining the project, and they expect that about 500 eager-beaver first-years will sign up to be Little Pals, so that means they need about 500 Big Pals by July. Sign up here, and cross your fingers for those chocolate-chip brownies (and not those grilled veggie wraps) at the Pal Luncheon.

Update, 2 pm: Although it’s a CC initiaitve, SEAS and BC seniors are also eligible/encouraged to become Senior Pals.

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  1. Anonymous

    "Wizened" means shriveled with age. I have to say, CC '11 looks fine to me, but maybe it's just makeup.

  2. Anonymous

    also, the spreadsheet shows that the program is available to SEAS and BC seniors (as well as CC).

  3. Also

    Learned is the CCSC prez now, no? You have him still listed as the 2011 prez...

  4. Bad Analogy Guy

    I propose freshman be called "Columbia Cubs" and seniors "Larger Lions".

  5. Again  

    blatant hatred for GS.

  6. CC'XIV

    I am a '14 and this sounds really cool.

  7. bwog

    will not know how to spell anything right until the end of time

  8. This is just like

    Columbia 411. A shitty idea that only student council people get excited for.

    Why, oh, why did we vote in the same people AGAIN

  9. Ah, Google Forms

    Where you can anonymously enter practically unlimited amounts of unverifiable information.
    I envy the freshman who has Jesus as his Senior Pal.

    • Sean Udell

      Thank you for filling out the form! Sadly, we'll have to take out Jesus, Barack Obama, and Lee Bollinger out of our spreadsheet; they're not 2011. (We do actually verify all of the UNIs and names.)

      Actual thank yous to Bwog and the 100+ (real) seniors who have already signed up. There is a lot of interest in this program for both '11 and '14, and we are looking forward to introducing people to each other at the end of this summer!

  10. my my

    lets just face it we love to hate at columbia

  11. Edgar

    Yeah this sounds like a great idea lets tell all the incoming freshmen the best places to get cava'd.

  12. Reece

    yeah seriously. we'll show them how the best get fucked up. i know of this place that sells cheap crack and it's relaiable too!

  13. Edgar

    Yeah! im gonna hook up with all the 14' biddies show them something harder than Calc at Columbia

  14. Reece

    fuck wilma's special. they will go crazy over my special 'onnnnn whiiiiiiiiiiteeee'

  15. OMG

    that's disgusting man WTF is wrong with's kids like you why this program will fail, i hate how kids decide to be NSOP leaders just to attempt to find naieve freshmen slampieces. you sicken me

  16. Reece

    who the hell are you OMG? trying to find younger women to be our slaves is just a game. it's fun, you should try it!

  17. Anonymous

    i'm going to bang my sib

  18. Graduated Senior

    I like the idea of a freshmen mentoring program. There is just soo much that you are likely to miss out on just by not knowing it exists.

  19. Anonymous

    Can I start an "I already miss Columbia (even though I do nothing but complain during the year) thread?"

  20. ugh  

    this is the exact same thing as the mentoring initiative OMA does for self-identified gays at Columbia. When will Sean & Learned realize this whole campus doesn't consist of gay men?

  21. BC Mentorship Program  

    There is actually something at Barnard that is similar to this for this upcoming academic year. The proposal was an initiative of the BC 2012 and has been an ongoing conversation at Barnard from the beginning of the year. In any case I'm happy this is something that both campuses care about!

  22. double ugh

    columbia mentoring initiative already does this.

    think of something new CCSC

  23. Self-Identified gay, 2014

    Wait... the whole campus does NOT consist of gay men?

  24. CC'13

    You might be big bro little bro with the seniors but to us, CC'14 will be our lunch money. Who's down for the reinstatement of freshman friday? Silly, naive freshman.

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