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Gulati, PrezBill and Landon in happier times. Photo via ohnotheydidnt

That means “a motley assortment of things.” Seatbelts, everyone!

Gulati says the U.S team was “capable of more” in the World Cup.

Columbia is a partner in a jargon-y, confusing government project called the “NYC Media Lab.”

Breaking: James Franco is self-important. He is also an artist.

Joseph Stiglitz makes $109,919 a year is the highest paid B-school professor in the country.

A look at how Columbia B School has changed (by not really changing!) post-crash.

CC alum create the Salsabol, which provides a new and revolutionary way to scoop salsa.

Procrastination o’clock? Watch this footage of Columbia going crazy in 1969 1968, even though it says 1969 for some reason.

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  1. Alum

    An average professor at an average business school makes $109,919. Stiglitz must make a great deal more.

  2. ummm

    as much as i want to believe the us team was capable of more...they weren't and as much as i want this country to care about soccer...they don't...and it sucks living in this country being a soccer fan

    • hey hey

      every losing team is always capable of more, and this country is catching on to the soccer phenomenon. i bet that in 4 more years our society will care even more about soccer. we might even be normal one day and call it football. have faith my friend, have faith.

  3. cc05

    Joey Stiglitz takes home about 600K base. Not counting speaker fees, consultancies, or "gifts".

  4. B-school staff

    $109,919 is NOT much unless that's post-tax. Assistant professors in finance make more.

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

      Ah! Completely my mistake. That is the average salary for a B-school professor, not for Stiglitz, who is the highest-paid B-school professor in the country. Sorry, fixing!

  5. law student

    PrezBill - love it.

  6. ...

    this is where i would make up some snarky comment relating liberal arts majors, columbia college, underwater basketweaving, ceramics and the salsabol. instead, i provide you, the reader, a basket of ideas from which you can draw while you create your very own personalized snarky conclusion in your very own head. enjoy!

  7. Anonymous

    That documentary is pure gold. Skip to like ten minutes in.

  8. 1968

    Yes, the page itself is mislabeled. But you guys should know better.

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