Play Me, I'm Yours!

If you are in Morningside Heights right now and have nothing to do, or something okay-not-great to do, go to St. John the Divine to listen to people play the piano.

But wait! These aren’t just people, and this isnt just any piano! Professional musicians will be playing music all day at the Cathedral in celebration of  the fourth annual celebration of Make Music New York, a celebration of free music on the Summer Solstice. Today is also the first day of Play Me, I’m Yours, a new public music initiative in which pianos are placed all around the city for anyone to play. Check out the schedule for St. John here (music till 8 tonight) and the full schedule of events for Make Music New York here. The pianos will be hanging out on street corners in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn until July 5; click here for more information about the project and a list of piano locations.