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Pretty soon (August 30th doth approach!) dozens upon hundreds of fresh-things will run around campus screaming and sitting outside Carman just waiting for something, anything to happen.

We want to help them out. We’re reviving an old Bwog tradition and sharing stories of our first nights at college (if you did something funny or sad or interesting, tell us!) and our first fake ID’s (the more McLovin’-esque, the better). We’d also like to know what you wish you knew your first day at Columbia. If you have a good story or some inspired advice, send us line or two at [email protected] Don’t write angry comments if your “first” doesn’t go up: we can’t post ’em all but we’ll try to get as many as possible.

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  1. Anonymous

    Don't forget the bottle of spermicidal lube

  2. Student Budget  

    I wish I knew that I didn't need to worry about bringing condoms to college, since you will get more free condoms than you'll know what to do with during NSOP. Also, you can pick up free condoms all year round at Health Services, Well Woman, your RA, etc.

    I do, however, wish I invested in good (glycerine and paraben free, water based) lube to make those free condoms extra worth it. (Holler, Babeland!)

  3. Make sure you  

    know what you are going to. Me and some friends saw a few small flyers about free ice cream in EC. We thought, why the hell not. Unfortunately, the flyers did not specify the group running it was KCCC. Seeing as we were all white as well, this made for an extra awkward experience. The ice cream was quite good though!

  4. On your very first night,  

    right before you go to bed, make sure you look out your window for at least a minute. Let all the amazing emotions of NSOP wash over you. Those are going to be emotions that you'll remember every time you look out your window the rest of the year up until you move out.

  5. Anonymous

    Carmen 7 (Class of 2011), I hope you read this. I have submitted a story and may submit some more. If it is posted, you all will know (or most) what was talked about.

    In a non-narcissistic note: I can't wait to read some of these

  6. I'm about to do one

    for Carman 4 (2012) woot woot!

  7. To whom this may concern

    No matter how much you are peer pressured, no matter what the circumstances, and no matter which flavor of gogurt you are slurping, fisting is never a good idea... I've learned the hard way. But at least, childbirth will be that much easier!

  8. New Target on 116th

    and the east river...Can you find out whether they have a shuttle bus? Not sure if it's more worth it to all the way to the east side or up to the Bronx

  9. From now on

    you must measure every male you encounter in units of distance. This will be the distance of your walk of shame back to the heavily guarded fortress, the Quad. If you think precipitation is likely to occur during this encounter, anticipate flux and be prepared to protect yourself. I now know that even a 5-block walk of shame during a blizzard definitely calls for a cab ride.

  10. why  

    don't we make stephan vinenzo the mc of this little shindig.

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