A profile of GS student John McClelland II, who was an Army medic in Afghanistan and Iraq, in Warrior Forge. He says that he’s working on his first novel, The War in Glorious Technicolor.

Reason 10,343 to be happy you don’t go to NYU: the Times takes a look at college life in the city, you know, the downtown-city, where you never (!) run into anyone.

A hecka long profile of James Franco in NYMag this week. Prepare to vom all over your keyboard!

Victor Suarez, CC’11 and Laura LaPerche, CC’10, shot a feature film in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas called “As Luck.” It will be released in Bangladesh next year. Congratulations, dudes! Watch scenes from the movie:

“As Luck” (t2i & 5D) from Victor Suarez on Vimeo.