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Bwoglines: Columbians Do Good Things (Except James Franco)

A profile of GS student John McClelland II, who was an Army medic in Afghanistan and Iraq, in Warrior Forge. He says that he’s working on his first novel, The War in Glorious Technicolor.

Reason 10,343 to be happy you don’t go to NYU: the Times takes a look at college life in the city, you know, the downtown-city, where you never (!) run into anyone.

A hecka long profile of James Franco in NYMag this week. Prepare to vom all over your keyboard!

Victor Suarez, CC’11 and Laura LaPerche, CC’10, shot a feature film in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas called “As Luck.” It will be released in Bangladesh next year. Congratulations, dudes! Watch scenes from the movie:

“As Luck” (t2i & 5D) from Victor Suarez on Vimeo.

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  • anonymous says:

    @anonymous yep. you’re right. i definitely vomited.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous As luck looks great. Seems like Victor and Laura did a great job. Where can we access the full movie when its completed?

  • Ugh says:

    @Ugh His face—the face whose sculpted smoothness has won him countless film roles, and a Gucci endorsement, and daily floods of heartsick prose poetry on Internet comment boards—has been abducted by a mildly disturbing mustache. (He had to grow it for a role, he says.)

    That’s the end of the first paragraph. It’s also when I gave up on that article. Need some Pepto please…

  • Fuck you, James Franco says:

    @Fuck you, James Franco “The new critique you’re gonna start hearing about James Franco,” says James Franco, “is ‘He’s spreading himself too thin.’ ”

    Gratuitous third person self-reference. James Franco is the bastion of douchiness. Why the hell did I read all the way up to page 4?

  • wow says:

    @wow the girl in “as luck” is really pretty. and she has a seemingly endless supply of colored eye-shadow.

  • but says:

    @but what’s the movie about?

  • anon says:

    @anon i read that whole franco article. why did i waste the 15 minutes? celebrity for celebrity’s sake. puke.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous God, Victor is sooooo dreamy…..

  • the franco article.... says:

    @the franco article.... was really great! it is crazy, and so is Franco.

  • ... says:

    @... that franco article was the biggest piece of crap I’ve read in a long time. and that includes my 3 year old cousin’s bedtime stories.

  • i'm proud says:

    @i'm proud I’m proud of my fellow students doing really cool things like making films and stuff, but all I got from the trailor was a fun background song and a girl endlessly staring around while standing next to landmark bridges. what is it about!?!?!

  • nurr says:

    @nurr I donno, is he any good as a writer? Can he attract good writers to a salon style writing workshop? Can I get in on that?


    @WAIIIIIIIIIT the 2 people in the film are hired actors or something? i thought they were columbia students, or at least the 2 mentioned filmmakers!

    are they columbians?


    @THE MOVIE IS ABOUT LUCK Okay all I saw is a trailer and have no idea what it’s about, but just from looking at the scenes and the title, I’m GUESSING:

    It’s about a guy and girl who were once into each other, and then lost contact with each other. Both went on with their lives and at the same time, hoping to find one another (reminds me of the “I saw you at…” section on Craigslist). Inbeknowingst to them both, luck, or fate, always lands them at the same location at the same times (Vegas, Chicago, the waterfall), which actually is a metaphor for all the things that happen during the time they’re split up, before finally, years later, fate brings them back together again.

    I get the hint that the movie isn’t as much about “luck” as it is about fate and if 2 people were meant to be together, somehow, somewhere, sometime, those 2 will end up together again, regardless of how long it takes or how many flights they take. Just let everything fall into pieces and live your life.

    am i right?

    — SEAS guy who’s relationship ordeals actually identifies with this trailer (note I said TRAILER…the actually movie could be WAAAAAAAAAAY off my interpretation)

    1. Boring Internship? says:

      @Boring Internship? Sounds like you are bored out of your mind…

      1. THE MOVIE IS ABOUT LUCK says:

        @THE MOVIE IS ABOUT LUCK nah i just have a lot to say….need to get shit off my chest.

  • ummm says:

    @ummm why is it opening in Bangladesh?

  • As Luck says:

    @As Luck Hey all,
    Thanks for your positive comments about As Luck- I am the female actor in the trailer- Me and the male actor are from the New School and we produced and directed the movie with Victor and Laura. We are from Bangladesh so we will release it there. We will try to arrange a screening at Columbia and the New School as well.

  • John McClelland... says:

    @John McClelland... is the fucking man

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous The movie seems nice…..

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I will like to watch this movie. When will it be released?

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