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What Is the Ivy That Appears Most Often in the NYT’s Wedding Pages?

IT IS COLUMBIA. Roar, Lion, roar!

Today on Daily Intel, we learned that there is a new website that makes the last 3,981 wedding announcements in the Times and made them into a database. Columbia has been mentioned 615 times. Browse and see if your TA married your other TA! Harvard had only 466 and Yale- Yale!- only 278! MIT is mentioned 663 times (shhh).

That means that a huge chunk of the important/rich/highly-aggressive people who get their wedding announcements in the Sunday Times are your fellow Columbians. Perhaps we spoke too soon against Floorcest.

Update: A commenter points out that “Columbia” also overlaps with British Columbia, and probably some other things mentioned in wedding announcements that aren’t actually about Columbia the school. Bwog remains certain that we beat Harvard, however.

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  • funny thought says:

    @funny thought i wonder if barnard girls report to the NYT that they are graduates of Columbia University, when they in fact, are not?

  • update says:

    @update Hey Bwog, those subway indicator things are finally up and running at 116th!

  • amigo says:

    @amigo is this something to brag about, Bwog?

    1. Eliza says:

      @Eliza In a not-taking-it-very-seriously way, yes. Otherwise, only if you choose to.!

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Eliza, please stop constantly commenting.

        1. *STANDS UP AND SHOVES YOU* says:

          @*STANDS UP AND SHOVES YOU* HEY…back off my lady. From my past email exchanges with Eliza (im on fake name of course), she seems bubbly and fun. you’re just a bitter fat fuck.

        2. Eliza says:

          @Eliza Hi! When people ask questions addressing Bwog, I answer them, since I am the editor. Sometimes questions are asked that I know the answer to, so I answer them. Sometimes people have complaints about a typo or about content, and I address them. That way, Bwog does not just dump snark on you once every few hours and disappear so you can argue about Barnard for days on end.

          1. hah says:

            @hah I wish I could like this comment. Nothing says Bwog comments like arguing about Barnard for days on every post.

        3. CC IS THE BEST says:


  • I think that says:

    @I think that many Columbians end up marrying other Ivy grads, just not always other Columbians. At least on the NYT Wedding Pages, most highly educated and intelligent people end up marrying other highly educated and intelligent people.

  • Princeton says:

    @Princeton is surprisingly low. Especially since the search picks up anyone that lives in Princeton NJ

    o yea fuck Princeton

  • AS A GUY says:

    @AS A GUY I don’t understand what ambitious IDIOT who goes to Columbia would wait till he’s 32 and successful and wealthy to finally find a woman to settle down – and 92% of the time it’s his secretary/nurse/stay-home mom. I don’t get that.

    We’re at fucking Columbia. The friendly admissions staff have already prescreened these girls for us in terms of intelligence, ambition, and academic/research pursuits. All that’s left to evaluate are her personality/looks/kindness. That’s it. I think we should all try to find someone at columbia (or a good grad school) to marry. Hell, I know everytime I ask a Columbia girl on a date, my purpose is for long term relationship only.

    I’d HATE to be the dipshit at age 32 and have to end up marrying a dumbass secretary. I’d jump off a fucking bridge.

    1. AS A REAL GUY says:

      @AS A REAL GUY I don’t understand what ambitious IDIOT who goes to Columbia would take a chance when he’s 23 and inexperienced and poor to find a woman to settle down – and 92% of the time it’s his first long-term girlfriend. I don’t get that.

      We’re at fucking Columbia. The friendly admissions staff have already pre-screened us in terms of intelligence, ambition, and academic/research pursuits. All that we need to succeed is personality/looks/kindness. That’s it. In ten years, when we’re all wealthy, cultured, and accomplished in our worldly pursuits, I think we should all try to find someone to marry. Hell, I know by that time I’ll be emotionally self-aware and suave enough to find a remarkable woman with whom I can enjoy a life-long relationship.

      I’d HATE to be the dipshit at age 23 and have to end up marrying a bitchy workaholic only to divorce her 5 years later. I’d jump off a fucking bridge.

      1. Just a dude says:

        @Just a dude amen

      2. AS A GUY says:

        @AS A GUY You’re right – we’re only 23. But I’m only picking the worst of evils here….when we’re 32, most of us do not have the opportunity to find a woman who’s smart, cute, hardworking, indepedent, and everything in one package. When we’re 32, all the “good catches” would already be either married or engaged. By then it will be really hard to have access to so many women who exhibit more than 3 of those traits. Maybe I’m the only guy here who just doesn’t go after looks alone…you know? standards. don’t want to be one of those businessmen who ends up asking out the flight attendant.

    2. As a girl says:

      @As a girl All y’all sound idiotic

      1. WHAT? says:

        @WHAT? you thought men actually didn’t give a shit about relationships? well, we do. it’s biology. some of us want commitment sooner, others want them later. some of us think it’s more special if we spend the rest of our lives with one person, almost like we were always meant to be. other men find what i just said corny as fuck and prefer multiple partners. to each his own, but as men, some of us actually do give a shit, regardless of which way we slant

      2. as a chick says:

        @as a chick amen

      3. as a chick wit a dik says:

        @as a chick wit a dik a(men)

      4. As a Guy says:

        @As a Guy You sound hot, let me get your number.


      @AS A GOOD-NATURED AMNESIAC What is this? What am I doing here? Oh no, not again!

  • Anna says:

    @Anna People aren’t being tools for mentioning where they went to school in a wedding announcement. It’s part of the NYT’s rules and is a piece of information that they always include, just like they include names of the couple’s parents and what their parents do for a living.

    From their rule page (
    “Your request must be typewritten and include the full names of the couple, the date of their event and the approximate time of day. We need their addresses, schooling and occupations. Also mention any noteworthy awards that the couple may have received, as well as charitable activities and/or special achievements. We also ask that you tell us how the couple met.”

    1. my parents says:

      @my parents my parents does the teachingz of english grammurz

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I mean why would Yale and MIT come and put up their wedding announcements in the NEW YORK times? if you go to Columbia, you mostly likely have a higher chance of living in the city than a kid that goes to some other school in a different state.

    1. Besides the point... says:

      @Besides the point... I agree with your point but again, I still think that your curriculum vitae should not be mentioned in a wedding announcement, regardless. So what if you attended Yale or MIT? What does that have to do with your upcoming matrimonial union?

    2. Eliza says:

      @Eliza Because getting your wedding announcement into the New York Times is, for some people, the Holy Grail. If you went to Yale or Harvard, you may well have ended up living and working in New York, or you grew up in New York. Sunday Styles isn’t the Metro section– everyone who reads the NYT sees it. It’s like 15 seconds of fame!

  • Uh, yeah says:

    @Uh, yeah
    I wouldn’t trust those numbers.

    1. We still beat Harvard! says:

      @We still beat Harvard! Search for “Columbia University”: 22
      Results for “Harvard University”: 1

      Suck it, Harvard.

  • I for one... says:

    @I for one... I think it’s completely irrelevant for people to mention what school they attended in wedding announcements

    1. Duh says:

      @Duh How else would you assert your superiority and wealth?

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