Roar, Lion, Roar! Photo via

Here is some news: the Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2011/2012 ad campaign is public!

Here is why that news is sort of relevant: those ads were all shot on our fair campus mere months ago!

Take a look: there’s the model shrouded in smoke wearing all black next to a building that looks like Uris, the other model shrouded in smoke wearing all black on Broadway next to Lewisohn, and variations on that theme.

The Bwog listserv chattered late into the night about which buildings were which in these photos. It’s kind of impossible to tell, what with all the smoke and models, but give it your best shot in the comments.

Different, yet similar: Gossip Girl is shooting today on 105th and West End.

Different, and not similar: PrezBo wrote an Op-Ed for the WSJ, calling for public funding for the press. (Hey, Mr. President, we know you read this: do you think we could talk about Bwog getting an office? Just our own table at Brad’s or something! Much love,

He also writes that the priority should be expanding America’s public broadcasting network, and imagines an “American World Service,” similar to other global broadcasters like the BBC and China’s CCTV.