Morningside Heights Is Basically Hollywood

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There was a flurry of film crews on and around campus this week, and it looks like some of them are here to stay. So look pretty out there, people… you could wind up in a movie!

Top Left: Film crew setting up shooting for Premium Rush starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. No signs of the man himself yet, but a tipster told us that actor Michael Shannon has been spotted strutting around campus in a suit. And now a commenter informs us Gordon-Levitt has been seen at the 116th subway stop… Quick, break out those cameraphones! This is bigger than Blair!

Top Right: Lerner Hall looks conspicuously bare as its banners have been taken down. A notice has been put up saying there will be filming in the building until Sunday, and we can only surmise that these two are related. Start a betting pool with your friends now as to whose mailbox JGL will be filmed in front of.

Bottom Left: Flashing lights and people in suits can only mean one thing around here–Law and Order: SVU. Filming took place on 111th St. between Broadway and Riverside.

Bottom Right: The Batmobile, outside of Nussbaum. For the remake of Arthur starring Russell Brand.

Related: We’ve also gotten numerous tips that our very own 1020 is featured in a scene in the recent buddy cop comedy movie The Other Guys. According to Bwogger Sam Schube, the bar is “set up as even seedier than a regular cop bar,” and stars Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell partake in many a 1020 tradition: discharging weapons, biting priests’ arms (who, as we all know, are frequent clientele), and of course, urinating off the pool table.

Photos by DCS, HEH, HSG, and RV

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  1. lulz

    yo guys i saw JoGo! on a bike next to 116th st subway!

  2. SVU  

    More SVU today, as early risers (or people actually employed at our fine establishment) were diverted from walking down glorious college walk. Lots of Mariska sightings in the past few days, too.

  3. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

    This is the most liked comment of all time. (pretty please?)

  4. JGL

    My roommate and I Rasterbated a picture of him on our wall last night. I daresay this is a sign.

  5. I am

    the world's foremost Marcel Proust scholar.

  6. So Bwog...

    are you really gonna trust a commenter whose name is \lulz\ that he/she saw JGL on a \bike next to 116th st\?

  7. petergray  

    Lerner looks much less tacky with all those banners down, no? I've also been thinking that the only people for whom those posters are actually intended are visitors. I don't think most people have ever discovered new clubs they might like to join by glancing at them (they are difficult to have a look at anyways since they're never really in front of you) since, as I unfortunately learned during my underclassman years, lots of clubs on campus are dysfunctional and totally uninteresting. Moreover, some of the best clubs I've joined have little "formal" presence at all -- various performance groups, music venues, etc. -- and in fact run into all kinds of trouble with the university, to add insult to injury.

    • examples  

      Theatre productions being charged to use a Theatre in Lerner, the student center!? Postcrypt nearly being shut down because an anonymous online commenter that may not have even been a student at Columbia posted that the classic venue served alcohol to minors!? Publications facilities consisting of a room about the size of your Carman bathroom without windows and two computers without Photoshop a printer, or even a drawing table!? Damn! I could go on and on!

    • Anonymous

      Don't forget every single remaining bits of student space taken over by more and more offices! And whoring out the *student center* to outside businesses for their lame conferences!

      • GS Alum

        So true - nothing worse than coming into Lerner expecting to "be" in Columbia and "do" your Columbia stuff but instead being confronted by mobs of people looking uncomfortable in business attire, networking over some lame buffet, and making lots of murmur-noise. The student center belongs to the students!!! (Or does it....?)

        • examples  

          yep. the other day i saw a darn graduation ceremony for "lehman brothers junior executives." it was seriously such a middle class and really crass bro/sorority fest. damn. is columbia being overtaken by capitalist philistines?


          • Hmm...

            I could swear that there is no longer an institution by that name, the former Wall Street standard bearer having gone bankrupt in September 2008 after being declared "NOT too big to fail" by the then treasury secretary, the day before stock market plunged a thousand points. Perhaps that explains the conspicuous awkwardness of the "junior Lehman executives" convening in Lerner Hall...

          • Hmm...

            And if the group in question is an internship program unaffiliated with the now-defunct investment bank, then the story is all the more odd, as I wouldn't think that attaching the name of a bankrupt corporation to an internship program would increase its prestige. Perhaps that's all they could think of after the names "Enron executive experience" and "Pan Am executive training course" were voted down.

    • indeed

      lerner looks as it should without those banners. i like lerner so much more with out them...

    • I Heart XKCD  

      I'm pretty sure that most of the clubs who have banners are dead. Did you know we had a club called Careers and Kids for Good, the only recent thing they did was sponsor an SWE event and their facebook group is dead

      sign...but knowing Columbia they are going to start charging us for banner space, at least the banners will be fresher...maybe...I hope...

    • Ummmm

      Limit your lame boring threads to yourselves please.

  8. ...  

    The television show "The Good Wife" was filming at the Union Theological Center yesterday afternoon, not sure if the crew is still around today...

  9. CC'XIV


  10. IT'S A


  11. Alum

    I still think Bwog should mention that JGL attended CC.

  12. Just graduated

    I think two of the things I'll miss most about Columbia are the constant celeb sightings and the fancy hollywood trailers with names like \Bob\ written on them.


  13. Wait

    Why do my quotation marks turn into / and \nExhibit a: \ \
    Hope the problem isnt already resolved and this comment doesn't blow up in my face...

  14. i knew it

    i saw The Other Guys last night and thought the bar scene looked an awful lot like 1020... glad to know I wasn't just seeing things!

  15. Harmony Hunter  

    I am bored...where is Harmony?

  16. ...

    when i read on gothamist that JGL filmed himself crashing into the back of a cab and posted it on the internet, i kinda decided that i really don't like him...

    and i doubt he was cc. child star, going back to school later in life, columbia was the only school he applied. i'd be really surprised if he wasn't gs.

  17. Anonymous  

    He didn't film himself crashing into the back of a cab. It was part of a stunt for the movie they're filming currently. He got a video of the sick gash down his forearm from putting it through the cab's back window accidently.

  18. uhh hello

    steal the batmobile

  19. Gayballs

    " when will the quotation thing be fixed "

  20. the quotes

    only worked cuz i used a quote html tag i think...

  21. The Other Guys...  

    I'm pretty sure the scene with the college/pimp flashback is in the Union Theological courtyard.

  22. Anonymous

    If a sentence with simple quotes is submitted, but the poster fails the CAPTCHA, the quotes get converted to slashes. In addition, the Reply functionality preference does not stick.

  23. Nick "Ladykilla" Moore

    I'm going to grow up to be a pediatric urologist!

  24. ReCaptcha

    confirmed stalker


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