There was a flurry of film crews on and around campus this week, and it looks like some of them are here to stay. So look pretty out there, people… you could wind up in a movie!

Top Left: Film crew setting up shooting for Premium Rush starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. No signs of the man himself yet, but a tipster told us that actor Michael Shannon has been spotted strutting around campus in a suit. And now a commenter informs us Gordon-Levitt has been seen at the 116th subway stop… Quick, break out those cameraphones! This is bigger than Blair!

Top Right: Lerner Hall looks conspicuously bare as its banners have been taken down. A notice has been put up saying there will be filming in the building until Sunday, and we can only surmise that these two are related. Start a betting pool with your friends now as to whose mailbox JGL will be filmed in front of.

Bottom Left: Flashing lights and people in suits can only mean one thing around here–Law and Order: SVU. Filming took place on 111th St. between Broadway and Riverside.

Bottom Right: The Batmobile, outside of Nussbaum. For the remake of Arthur starring Russell Brand.

Related: We’ve also gotten numerous tips that our very own 1020 is featured in a scene in the recent buddy cop comedy movie The Other Guys. According to Bwogger Sam Schube, the bar is “set up as even seedier than a regular cop bar,” and stars Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell partake in many a 1020 tradition: discharging weapons, biting priests’ arms (who, as we all know, are frequent clientele), and of course, urinating off the pool table.

Photos by DCS, HEH, HSG, and RV