Take a left at 218th

Columbia has been planning an upgrade to Baker Field for months. Those plans have solidified– sorta– in the form of a 70-foot aluminum building, reports the New York Times. The building will add to go up within the 26 acres Columbia owns around 218th Street in Inwood, which is even farther uptown than Manhattanville!

The new building will provide athletes with more study space for in-between and before practices, as well as office space for coaches. The blueprints were designed by Steven Holl, a professor of Architecture at Columbia. It will be called the Rep. Charlie Rangel Sports & Recreation Facility the Campbell Sports Center.

Columbia is expanding, so people are angry. Gail Addiss, an Inwood resident and architect, told the NYT that the Campbell Sports Center will cause “glare” and “more brightness to reflect into people’s windows.” Other Inwood residents fear that the modern design will clash with the surrounding buildings, clog up traffic, and obscure views.

Columbia is also planning a 1-acre marsh between Baker Field and Inwood Hill, along with a boardwalk developed by the same company that created the High Line downtown.

Joseph A. Ienuso, executive vice president for facilities at Columbia, combats the traffic argument by reminding Inwood residents that “This isn’t Notre Dame. On a good day, 2,000 people come to the game and most of those by subway.”

Athletes, plebeians, what think you?