Lerner: It Glitters!

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In case you haven’t dined at Ferris or needed an Add/Drop form yet, you might not have seen Lerner 4 & 5’s newest look:

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  1. Anonymous

    Have fun wasting four years of your life in this glittering place and then not being able to find a job after you graduate.

  2. why

    what's with the light columns referencing campus landmarks? money better spent on photos of those landmarks maybe (no one knows what le marteleur is) or, I dunno, financial aid?

  3. Anonymous

    Sure, they spend the bucks for nice looking administrative offices, but when it comes to students, they just keep on shrinking what space we have left.

  4. hey!  

    Ferris got a larger table, moved the cashier station, AND bought some plants?! COOL! Definitely the major changes I needed to hear about.

  5. Hooah  

    Woo-wee! This comment section is more cynical than a finals week one. Looks like old Bwog is back. Oh well. I liked the boom de yada's while they lasted.

  6. ...  

    looks like ferris has less seating...

    and uh, while that new advising center looks nice and new... there's really something decidedly dreary about it, insufficient lighting or something. maybe it's just the photos that make it look like a dark space... if not, god help the people that have to work there come december...

  7. still here  

    what about the hot dog vending machine???

  8. Anonymous  

    hey bwog!

    PLEASE do a review of Ferris, with the whole new system. I'm not about to spend $12 out of curiosity, and want to know if the whole place is worth going into...

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